Ruthie’s Reality – thanks for stopping by!

Ruthie’s Reality – thanks for stopping by!
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ruthie knox*taps microphone*

Is this thing on?

Can you hear me in the back?

Right! Okay, so. Welcome to Ruthie’s Reality!

I’m your hostess, Ruthie Knox, lover of all things smutty, funny, brainy, bookish, and swoony.

Do you know me? No? Well, here are Five Things About Me:

(1) I write romance novels for Loveswept, including this one with the road-trip-by-bicycle and this one with the swoony English hero.

(2) I have a three-year-old son and I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which means that yes, I am that most glamorous of all things, the Midwestern Housewife.

(3) No, I’m not a Packers fan. But only because I don’t follow organized sports.

(4) I read tons of romance, especially contemporary and historical, and especially on the steamier end of the scale.

(5) I sometimes get a little too brainy and analytical for my own good, and then I have to throw in a naked chest picture or something, just to balance out the universe.

I’m going to be writing over here twice a month, nattering on about all things romantical, and especially about any odd or fascinating intersections of real life with Romancelandia.

Like, say, this collection of wonderful photos of grooms seeing their brides for the first time (link via Dear Author).

Isn’t that swoony? I love a romance novel alpha male as much as the next girl, but there’s something about that collection of weeping, happy men that makes my heart go pitter-patter.

So I hope you’ll join me for this adventure in yammering we’re going to have! I’ll be reading things and gathering thoughts for your entertainment. Lately, I’ve been digging up paperbacks of some of the Loveswept books from the mid-1990s that turned me on to romance — including one called I Do! by Olivia Rupprecht that involves a hero with an eyepatch who ties the heroine to a fencepost by her prairie skirt and then does very wicked things to her, lest you think BDSM was invented sometime around 2010 — and I love rediscovering some of these authors in digital. Donna Kauffman, Linda Cajio, and Karen Leabo all have October releases of classic Loveswept titles as e-books, and next month also brings the release of the second title in Jessica Scott’s Coming Home series, Until There Was You. It’s got a tough-as-nails military heroine and the Captain America-ish hero who drives her up the wall–and angst! Not to mention sex, and romance, and true love. You really can’t go wrong.

Give me a shout if there’s something you’d like to talk about. Like, say, heroes. Or sex scenes. Or words for female bits in your favorite books. Or that one thing that happened in the book you just read that made you want to die / cry / smile / strangle the author to death with you bare hands. Whatever! We’ll talk about it. Come up with theories. Foment revolutions. Drool over male models. That sort of thing.

In the meantime, introduce yourself! You don’t have to tell me Five Things, but how about you tell me Three Things About You? We’ll get cozy.

*drapes arm over your shoulder, casual-like*



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