Series – what’s to like? +Giveaway!

Series – what’s to like?  +Giveaway!
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Series by Danielle

There are always positives and negatives to any series I start to read. So, before I start a new one I actually like to do some research to see what I am getting myself into. First I read about the books to see if it is something that will capture my interest. Then I see how many books are in the series or how many the author is planning on writing.

Mostly when reading a series the positives tend to outweigh the negatives. For one I find myself deeply involved in the characters. I begin to feel a connection with the main characters of that book. I just become emotionally invested to the point of laughing or crying right along with them as their journey begins to evolve. Another positive is the side characters. If you have strong side characters it tends to set the mold for the next upcoming books that you want to read. There is nothing like following and revisiting characters from previous books.

In asking other bloggers about what bothers them in a series is the simple fact that some series should have ended sooner rather than later. The books that seem to go on forever are not necessarily a good thing. Some of us readers tend to get bored and lost in the whole storyline. A negative that you see a lot of is way too many characters. I don’t want to have to keep a spreadsheet just to keep track of all the characters in a series.

In the past year I have read a lot of series because I tend to love them more than stand alone books so the end of a series tends to make me a little emotional. When I am caught up in a series that I can’t get enough of I want to beg the authors to keep them going but when it is your time it’s your time. But sometimes we are even lucky enough to be taking on a new ride with a whole new set of characters and even some of the same ones from the previous series in a spin off series.

Although series end and characters change one this is guaranteed is that there is always another series out there to explore. You will never forget the certain series that have captured your heart and impacted you the most. But so many are out there to dive into and give a chance.

What do you love to hate about series? :-/ confused

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