Sexy Men by Jeannie Moon

Sexy Men by Jeannie Moon
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So, if I asked a room full of women what makes a man sexy, chances are I’d get as many answers as there were women. It’s a very subjective thing. People Magazine runs into this every time their “Sexiest Man Alive” issue hits the newsstands. This year The Sexiest Man Alive for 2013, Adam Levine, pretty much caused the Internet to explode. Well, my Internet—the one populated with romance authors who hunt hot men on Google like their lives depended on it—that one exploded.

And it really got me thinking. Who’s your sexy?

Most women in the world, would simply glance at the smirking form of Adam Levine, Maroon 5’s front man, and either agree or disagree with the assessment. But in the romance world, the arm chair quarterbacking and the commentary began.

Tattoos—too many, not enough or just enough? Is he big enough, strong enough? Do you think he’s confident or does that grin on his face make you think he’s just cocky?

I don’t know. Mr. Levine doesn’t float my boat. I don’t doubt that he’s talented; I love his music. He seems like a decent human being, but he’s not the kind of man I’d look at and say, “Wow, he’s hot.”

But it raises an interesting question…what makes our romance heroes attractive to us? Why do we fall in love with them? More than likely it’s the same thing that attracts us to people in real life: chemistry.

We know what we like. Some women want the tatted up rock star. Me–I want the big, athletic alpha. Even my computer geek hero in The Temporary Wife fell into this category. I can’t help myself.
Josh in Unexpectedly Yours doesn’t disappoint lovers of the tall, broad alpha male. He’s blond and blue-eyed and is most certainly Caroline’s personal Kryptonite. While Josh has more than enough baggage to work out, he’s kind, funny, (rich) and when needed has a nice touch of humility thrown in.

And that’s the important stuff, isn’t it? Our heroes, real or imagined, have to have something besides striking good looks. Even though we authors tend to write gorgeous, if your hero is a jerk, readers will turn on your book.

Our gorgeous musician, biker, banker or athlete had better have a heart of gold, or he’ll have no chance with our heroine. He’ll have no chance with us. After all, who needs just a pretty face? And while Adam Levine may have striking good looks, I’m fairly sure it was something else, something intangible that got him on the cover of the magazine.

That’s the thing with those sexy hero types—they tend to surprise us.

Tell me about your ideal romance hero. Where does he fit in between the alphas and betas?

I have a super sweet alpha in Unexpectedly Yours.

Check out the blurb and the excerpt to find out more:

It was a win-win arrangement…until Caroline lost her heart…

Caroline Rossi needs to reinvent her life. Being a geotechnical engineer hasn’t exactly proved to be a guy magnet. She’s never really had the opportunity to let her hair down and have fun. But when a chance encounter with her big sister’s brother-in-law—millionaire Josh Campbell—leads to a night of unexpected passion, Caroline starts engineering an arrangement that will give them both what they want. She can help Josh with an important real estate project and he can school her in the art of amour. At first Josh balks—but there’s something irresistible about Caroline, something very different from the bombshells he usually dates. Can the friends with benefits agreement really work? Or are Caroline and Josh playing a dangerous game that may end in heartbreak?

About the Author:
Jeannie Moon has always been a roman¬tic. When she’s not spin¬ning tales of her own, Jean¬nie works as a school librar¬ian, thank¬ful she has a job that allows her to immerse her¬self in books and call it work. Mar¬ried to her high school sweet¬heart, Jean¬nie has three kids,jeannie moon three lov¬able dogs and a mis¬chie-vous cat and resides on Long Island, NY. If she’s more than ten miles away from salt water for any longer than a week, she gets twitchy. Unexpectedly Yours is the second book in her Forever Love Series. Visit Jeannie’s web¬site at

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