Shiloh Walker writes, What’s in a name…+ Giveaway

Shiloh Walker writes, What’s in a name…+ Giveaway
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What’s in a name…

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The heroine’s name is Hope.

After spending the past few years on the run, hope is kinda of the last thing she has, though.

But run wouldn’t be a very good name, right? Neither would fear.

Still, when she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t see Hope.

She looks in the mirror and sees

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Meeting the hero of her story doesn’t make things any better. At least not at first. He’s a lawyer…and for her, that means he’s the enemy. A sexy enemy, but still.

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She finds her strength in the oddest manner. It happens after an attack…on her, on a friend. Her best friend is attacked, she’s attacked, and it’s made to look as though she’s the one who attacked her friend, and then turned around and tried to kill herself. Not exactly the act of a woman with a lot of hope, right?

Except for this…

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This time, the hope comes from Hope herself.

The attack pushed her pretty much to her limit and she found her stopping point. Found the hope buried deep within herself, and she found her strength.

I knew it was in there, inside her, otherwise, I couldn’t have written a book about her. A weak heroine is pretty much a mood killer… for me, anyway.

And while she’s not going to be the heroine to charge into the line of fire, she’s definitely not going to be anybody’s doormat. She found her strength during the course of this book, and she found herself…she found Hope.

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A small snippet…

“Just get it over with?” he repeated, some of his tension edging into his voice.

“Yes.” She swallowed. “Please.”

“So polite. Even when you’re that pissed off at me. Still so polite,” he murmured. “Okay, Hope. I’ll get it over with.”

Then he closed the two feet between them. He wanted to touch her…he wanted it so bad, he hurt with it, ached with it, would have gone to his knees and begged it he thought it would have done any good.

Instead, he jammed one hand into a pocket, closed it in a fist.

The other, he used the tip of his finger and used it to lift her chin.

He had just a second to see her eyes flare wide before he dipped his head and brushed his mouth against hers. Just the lightest brush—hardly enough to even get a taste.

Still, that one taste blistered through him, rushed through him, setting his blood to boil.

He heard her gasp, felt it…and as her lips parted against his, he wanted, desperately to tease that slight opening with his tongue, see if he couldn’t coax her mouth into opening for him, just a little more.

Instead, he whispered against her lips, “I’ve wanted to do that from the first second I laid eyes on you.”

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Shiloh Walker



Hope Carson may not look like a survivor, but she has escaped an abusive ex-husband and recovered from a vicious assault. Now she endures the painful memories and suspicious rumors surrounding her involvement in the attack. Her ex is a cop, so the last people she trusts are law enforcement officials—and she certainly doesn’t trust how the local DA makes her feel inside.

Remy Jennings should know better. He has no business falling for a woman who he suspects may have a deeply troubled mind. And even if he did make a move, she’d bolt like a frightened rabbit. But how can he deny a burning desire that threatens to consume him? As Hope’s past catches up with her in the worst way, Remy is determined to break through her defenses, earn her trust, and keep her safe in his arms—before it’s too late.

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