Social Media – what you should & should not talk about + Giveaway

Social Media – what you should & should not talk about + Giveaway

Well, it’s happened, the internet has taken over the world, or has at least taken over the virtual world, and maybe will take over the entire world in time. Which brings us to the topic of how much is too much — information-wise, what you should & should not talk about . . . are there boundaries?

When talking about the romance community, I can think of quite a few boundaries – – some of which you may or may not agree with me, as I think it really depends on what your boundaries are too, yes?

Couple of things that come to mind — information that you just should not share includes location — you never know who is listening in on your conversation. I’d hate for anyone to hunt us down & something awful happen – ok, that might be just me, watching too much CSI.

Something else that I think is not appropriate for Social Media is your personal life – especially when talking about family friends & so forth — general conversation I think is fine, but photos & too much personal detail, TMI? again, call me ‘Nervous Nelly’, however, you just put yourself & your family out there for a not so nice a person to take advantage of you, don’t you think?

You know how I love to Google, so I thought I’d search this topic, “Things you should or should not do on Social Media,” & this is what I found:

  • #1 – Messages to celebrities/personalities & the like (I didn’t totally understand? you?)
  • #2 – Talk about your late night & physical condition (yeah, dah)
  • #3 – Bodily functions (well, wouldn’t talk about that in person either!)
  • #4 – Daily Schedule, I suppose this could be boring if you say the same thing day after day . .
  • #5 – Tragic Situations – not to dwell of course not, however, you want people to be aware if a cruise ship ran aground in Italy, no? Someone you know could have been on there!
  • #6 – Pregnancy scares – no worries, not a hot topic for me anymore
  • #7 – A break-up – hmmmmmmmmmm, sometimes you get your best advice from people – encouragement too, yes?

  • So, that was our Google search list — I know we can come up with better subjects as to what should or should not be breached in Social Media – want to name a few? Remember, every week, 5 commenters are randomly chosen for a random free book – winners announced on Sunday – Good Luck!!

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