WINNER Announced-Star Harbor Scavenger Hunt – Winner gets a book tote with books!

WINNER Announced-Star Harbor Scavenger Hunt – Winner gets a book tote with books!

Star Harbor Scavenger Hunt – Starts now ends Friday eve – winner will be announced Sat – 9/29. Giveaway is a book tote with random books!

We wanted to do something different, but something fun with a giveaway bonus – ready to give it a whirl?

For this hunt, we’re touring the town of Star Harbor, Elisabeth Barrett’s fictional hometown for the Grayson brothers. Below are questions that you will find answers to on this website – & you’ll know you found the right one when you see the star and the corresponding number to the question beside it – Get ready to roam R@R and amongst the many links you’ll find the answers & the stars!Elisabeth Barrett

Are you ready?

#1 – What are our Star Harbor heroes names? (there are 4)

#2 – What is the sequence of the stories in the Star Harbor series? (there are 4 & we need them in sequence)

#3 – Lexie is a heroine’s name used in two of our Loveswept Romance books, Elisabeth’s DEEP AUTUMN HEAT, Lexie was Seb’s love interest & ______ _______ _______ was the title of another Loveswept book with the heroine Lexie. (3 word title)

#4 – She’s not part of Star Harbor but this author needed some Reality instead of seeing stars all of the time — so, we’ve given her own spot on R@R which just launched on 9/17! Look for her picture & title & you’ve got the answer! (Answer is a two name title)

#5 – An awesome list that tells you what’s on sale and being published in Loveswept – tell us what is the last title mentioned on this list & the on sale date?

Answer in the comments below & we’ll randomly choose our winner – have fun! (**Must be 18 to play & US).
Belinda is our winner! Congrats

elisabeth barrett& thanks to Elisabeth for letting us use her titles for this weeks Scavenger Hunt – oh, & thanks to Seb & Theo too – yum!elisabeth barrett

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