Start Preparing: 1 Year Until Fifty Shades of Grey

Start Preparing: 1 Year Until Fifty Shades of Grey

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’re all having a lovely, romantic day… but if you’re not, never fear, because next year is bound to be better (pun intended!). The movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey is due out next Valentine’s Day and who could ask for a sexier V-Day gift?

So what should you be doing to prepare? We’ve got three suggestions:

1. Don’t miss a thing.

Follow E.L. James on Twitter and like her on Facebook and get all of her updates. Maybe you’ll get a sneak-peek, maybe she’ll keep it all close to her breast until release day, but if you’re going to find out, she’ll be the one to tell you!

You can also follow @FiftyShadesFilm and @FiftySOGfans for fan discussions and updates!

2. Read up on kink.

If Fifty Shades is the only erotica you’ve read, add some more to your TBR shelf in the next year. You’ll go into the movie an old pro and you’ll have something to tide you over until next February.

Some suggestions: Ruined by Tracy Wolff,   The Club Sin Series by Stacey Kennedy , A Million Dirty Secrets by C. L. Parker, The Submissive by Tara Sue Me and the informational 150 Shades of Play by Em & Lo–it’s got all of the practical tips you need to make kink a part of your life.

3. Stalk Jamie Dornan.

Oops, we don’t we stalk, we mean salivate over. Scratch that, lust after Jamie Dornan… What we really mean to say is: Appreciate Jamie Dornan for his fine acting abilities. Whew! So many typos.

You can find more about him (including photo galleries!) here.

We’ll be following the 50 Shades phenomena over the next year, so check back here for more posts!

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