To celebrate the start of spring, we’ll be featuring a series of posts all about making a fresh start. Our first feature comes from “the queen of women’s fiction” herself, Debbie Macomber. Enjoy.
In Starting Now you’ll meet Libby Morgan, who is becoming reacquainted with knitting after being laid off from a high-pressure job at a law firm. My husband Wayne and I are familiar with what it is like to go through a long stretch of unemployment, and to have to start over again from scratch. The year our daughter Jenny Adele was born, Wayne, who worked as a construction electrician, was out of work nearly nine months.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he made good use of the time and took classes at the community college while I cared for our older daughter and found a hundred different ways to stretch our unemployment check. In fact, Wayne was in Alaska looking for work on the pipeline in the early 1980s when I sold my first book. So you can see this story comes from a wealth of personal experience. Most of us have gone through similar situations at one time or another—rough patches are just a part of life– and while it’s never fun, there are lessons to be learned and truths to be discovered. And what I hope Starting Now shows readers is that fresh starts are often a blessing in disguise.

I hope you enjoy meeting Libby and watching the world unfold as she starts her life again. Her eyes are opened and she discovers the meaning of friendship . . . and love.  I hope you will too.
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