Superbowl Ads Recap

If you’re like me, you watched the Superbowl pretty much exclusively for the ads and the halftime show. When I wasn’t scarfing down chips and dip, I took note of my favorite ads and I’ve got them embedded here so if you were–God, forbid–actually watching the game and using commmercial breaks for bathroom and beer refills, check these out.

1. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Commercial.

It’s too cute not to post here. And it’s romantic. The puppy and the horse bring the man and woman together. Heartwarming. I’m not sure exactly what it has to do with beer, but who cares?


2. Jeep’s “Restless” Commercial.

This one appealed to basically everything that I’ve been feeling in the stir-crazy month of January.  It made me want to buy a car RIGHT NOW.  Even though I live in New York, which is potentially the worst place to have a car ever.


3. Chevy’s “Life” Commercial.

Another car commercial. This was my favorite of the “tug-at-your-heart-strings” ads that played during the Superbowl. It is simple and beautiful. I also loved the second Chevy commercial with the “bachelor” bull meeting the “bachelorette” cows. Well done, Chevy, well done.

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