Q&A: Michelle Valentine WICKED WHITE

Michelle A. Valentine first won readers over with her independently published Black Falcon series about sexy rockers on the road and the ladies who love them and has two other series featuring cocky alpha heroes. This week she celebrates her first foray into traditional publishing with the release of Wicked White. Her fans are thrilled to know she is back on the rocker beat with the start of this new series.

Q&A: Christina Lauren’s BEAUTIFUL SECRET

The Beautiful series has become iconic in this new era of erotic romance. It is all thanks Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, who, blended together, form the writing team known as Christina Lauren...

Q&A: Marie Force On Her New QUANTUM Trilogy

Marie Force has 40 successful books under her belt, including multiple series. With her newest series, Quantum, she is switching things up! This is her first foray specifically into the erotic romance genre. It’s not that her existing books are not sexy—they are—but this trilogy is meant to be highly erotic. It has a BDSM theme, and is written in first person, a big change for Force...

Q&A: Jasinda Wilder Gets Personal — and Paranormal

We all know Jasinda Wilder as a well-established super star in the world of romance and erotic romance, yet her latest book, DJINN AND TONIC, book two of The Houri Legends series, brings readers into the realm of the paranormal. She weaves very different kind of love stories in this paranormal series, yet these books carry the classic theme of all of Wilder’s books: The healing power of love. We chatted with the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author about her newest book, the series, and her decision to write in this genre.

Five Weeks of Fifty: Why We Fell So Hard For Christian Grey

Millions of women around the world have fallen for Christian Grey since the publication of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey and now they (we) eagerly anticipate seeing him come to life next month in the film adaptation of the book. Admittedly, some of us get tingly all over just thinking of it. But in those less intoxicating moments, when the heady arousal induced by thoughts of this iconic book boyfriend subside, do you ever wonder how we fell so hard for Mr. Christian Grey? I spoke to Barna William Donovan, Ph.D., a communications professor at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, N.J., and an author and expert on fan behavior, about why Mr. Grey had us from, “I exercise control in all things, Miss Steele.”

Talking to Laurelin Paige: FIXED and FREE ME

You might be surprised that this married mom of three girls -- ages twelve, nine, and five -- is a former music director and choir leader for a Catholic church. While her books may not be a topic for church chat, Laurelin Paige’s writing has clearly been a true blessing for her family. Happily, we have her new book Free Me, to look forward to. Out December 10, it brings to life the love story of one of the characters from the Fixed series and brings us yet another hunky hero in a suit to fall in love with. We sat down to talk with Laurelin about Hudson, Fixed, her new book and all the great things going on in her life.

Lauren Blakely On Seductive Nights (And Her Sex Toy CEO)

Scorching, hot love scenes. Sexy, dirty talking alpha men who know how to take a woman to a place she has never been. Characters that are completely intoxicated and consumed with each other. And a healthy dash of sass and humor. Those are just some of the things that readers love about Lauren Blakely’s contemporary erotic romances.

Raine Miller on Hot Fictional Men and THE MUSE

 You cannot mention the name Raine Miller without thinking of Ethan Blackstone, the gorgeous, ultra-successful London businessman with a filthy mouth who is not the type to take ‘no’ for an answer. In the age of Fifty Shades of Grey, the hot, dominant, and obsessively protective Blackstone quickly rose to the head of the class as one of the iconic alphas of contemporary erotic romance as the hero in Miller’s bestselling series, The Blackstone Affair. Not bad for a former grade school teacher who began her own journey as a romance reader after picking up her first Barbara Cartland novel, at age 13. Miller admits that her own stories are “edgy enough to turn Ms. Cartland in her grave.” Luckily for her legion of fans, Miller has new hot hero for us… Continue
No In Between

Talking INSIDE OUT with Lisa Renee Jones

Deep secrets, dark eroticism, forbidden sex, romantic suspense, hot alpha men, and an extremely well-crafted story are some of the elements that attracted readers to Lisa Renee Jones’ bestselling “Inside Out” series and have kept them there for three steamy books and seven novellas—thus far. Fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for the fourth full-length novel, No In Between, publishing today. The story begins in the San Francisco art world, and revolves around darkly erotic journals found in an abandoned storage unit.  A high school teacher is left with the task of clearing the unit for a friend and becomes obsessed with reading the intimate details of another woman’s life. Concerned about the woman’s well-being, she sets out to find out what happened and in the process assumes the other woman’s… Continue