“Bonnet Fiction” We Love

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been seeing “Amish” everywhere. Between the Amish hair-cutting attacks, and the new TLC mini-series Breaking Amish, the Christian Mennonite subgroup has been all over the media. Mainstream society seems to be fascinated. Similarly, in the romance world, Amish romance as a genre has been on the rise for a few years now, with no sign of stopping. Affectionately, we’ve dubbed it “Bonnet Fiction”.

Guest Author – Food for Thought from Rosalind Lauer

Have you ever read a scene that created a hunger deep inside you? Not the obvious romantic craving. We’re talking good old-fashioned load-up-your-plate-for-Sunday-dinner hunger. A simmering stew. Bright, crisp vegetables sliced into a summer salad. A fruit pie cooling on the window sill. Hold on one second while I run to the kitchen…
One joy of writing about the Amish is the focus on cooking that is a daily part of most Amish households. Baking, cooking, canning and pickling are important tasks that create cherished memories for mothers and daughters. There are many reasons why the Amish spend a lot of time cooking. They don’t eat many processed foods. You won’t find Lunchables in a child’s lunch pail, and since the Amish don’t have electricity in their homes, Lean Cuisines are out. But the alternatives… Continue