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Talking PLAYFUL BRIDES with Valerie Bowman

As the latest in Valerie Bowman’s Playful Brides series, The Accidental Countess beautifully juxtaposes a mischievous ruse played during a house party with devastating emotional consequences. And the deepening romance between Cassandra Monroe and Captain Julian Swift is intensified by a lively supporting cast who practically bounce off the page.   R@R: Cassandra Monroe, your heroine, is reluctant to confide her true feelings to Julian. At the urging of her friend, she adopts the identity of the fictitious “Patience Bunbury,” and under that guise pushes herself to take emotional risks. What would you say are the major differences between Cass and “Patience”? VB: The plot idea is from Oscar Wilde’s fun play, The Importance of Being Earnest. All of my Playful Brides stories are based on famous romp plays! But you’re exactly right, as Continue

VEILED THREATS: book to movie adaptation process

Deborah Donnelly, author of the Wedding Planner Mystery/Carnegie Kincaid series, stopped by to tell us of her exciting news: her book VEILED THREATS is an original Hallmark Movie. Below is her list of the most surprising aspects of the movie adaptation process–it may surprise you too!    Five Most Surprising Aspects of the Movie Adaptation Process The original cover 1. Movie time, only in reverse. On the screen, we see our author type the words Chapter One, there’s a quick montage, and presto! She’s watching her movie. Behind the scenes, months go by—years can go by—between the first exciting movie query and the night the credits roll. Motion pictures get cooked up in slow motion. 2. Movie people can be surprisingly pleasant. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a warm get-acquainted phone call from… Continue

Talking MADE FOR YOU with Melissa Marr

I’ve been a fan of Melissa Marr ever since she pulled me into the faery realm with her star-crossed love story debut WICKED LOVELY. This month, she publishes the romantic suspense novel MADE FOR YOU, and talks to us about her latest inspiration. RR: Made for You is your first novel that’s “grounded” YA – not set in a fantasy world. What inspired this story? How was the experience of setting your characters in the “real” world different, if at all? When I was in my 20s, I had a stalker.  He wasn’t someone I’d known or dated or had any contact with prior to his fixation on me. That feeling of helplessness and wondering “why me? how did he pick me?” was something that lingered with me for years.   I wanted to capture that… Continue