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Beginning April 11, will host a weekly live online event for romance readers and RITA finalists once a week. I’ll be there to chat with authors, will you? A message from
Each event, hosted through, will feature several of the 2013 finalist authors and books for a specific RITA category in a moderated Q&A format. We will discuss heroes and heroines, writing style, and other fun facts. Enter here to register for the first event featuring Ruthie Knox; Roxanne St Claire; Jill Shalvis; Roni Loren; Kim Law; Barbara Freethy; Barbara Hannay . . .click here

Happy #ValentinesDay from R@R + 20 book Giveaway – Crazy!

Happy Valentine’s peeps! We’ve asked our authors what is the most favorite gift they’ve given or received on Valentine’s Day – their answers are below – enjoy! For Valentine’s, there is only one way to my heart and that’s with a bouquet of tulips and hockey tickets. My husband always comes through every year, not only with those two things but also with a box of chocolates and a card that reminds me how much he loves me. For him, I always get a box of Whitman’s chocolates because it is his favorite chocolate. For the kids, I get them SpongeBob box of crabby patties and they just love that. This year though, my husband and I are going to Nashville to spend the night and just enjoy each other. Its our 16th Valentine’s dayContinue

Hobbits, Hunks, and Heroines and Giveaway (and it’s not a Hobbit)

At long last, The Reluctant Countess, the eagerly-anticipated debut novel by New Zealand author Wendy Vella, is available as a Loveswept Romance! The Escape Diaries by Juliet Rosetti is an irresistible read with the heroine Mazie Maguire wrongly convicted of killing her philandering husband. After escaping from prison Mazie’s life is an outrageous adventure of a woman on the run! It’s a great read that will keep you hooked until the last page. Random House’s fabulous Sue Grimshaw came up with the idea of two Loveswept first time writers from opposite corners of the globe interviewing each other. And so here is Wendy Vella, from Auckland and Juliet Rosetti from Oshkosh, giving their take on hotties, heroines, and hobbits: The temperature in Oshkosh. Wisconsin, where Juliet lives is pretty cold over the Continue

RITA Award winners! And, who is the author you’d most like to meet?

Once again I had the amazing opportunity to attend the RWA 2012 conference in sunny Anaheim, California. RWA is an amazing event that I recommend for any romance enthusiast to attend. Whether you are a reader, author, agent, editor or just a lover of crowds, RWA is the place to be. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn about the industry and about writing but you are within close proximity to some very famous authors!

When The Prince Isn’t So Charming

In Alma Katsu’s The Taker, Jonathan St. Andrew has all the earmarks of Prince Charming: he’s handsome beyond belief and the eldest son in the family that owns the town. Who could blame Lanore McIlvrae for falling in love with him? But eventually, even the most lovesick girl will learn that actions speak louder than words. . . I want to talk today about the myth of Prince Charming.

Can you guess which author wrote this?

Authors have a certain, identifiable style that when you hear or read their words you know who wrote them. Today we’re going to look at a few first chapter paragraphs and see if you can guess the authors that wrote them. Have fun! Chapter One
The Pigeon Man was usually here by now. Tuning out her companion’s self-serving story for a moment, Cath double-checked the LED display suspended over the station platform. Ten minutes until the train. In this woman’s company it would feel like a lifetime. Can you guess?

Romance authors tell all – ‘How do we come up with our character names?’ + Giveaway!

Carly Phillips

I love going through Soap Opera magazines for names because it gives me double – the character name and the actors’ real names. Then I play mix and match with last names and first names until something both sounds right together and feels right for the character. It’s a fun process, actually! 
 In my upcoming May book, Karma, the character Cara Hartley came to me from the character Cara Castillo played by Lindsay Hartley on All My Children. When I created Cara as a secondary character in Destiny, Lindsay Hartley was exactly who I envisioned as my character. Sometimes I’ll switch up the eye color just because I need it for the story, but the overall look of the character and the names are usually Soap related! Janelle Denison Naming a character,… Continue

Romance At Random’s Weekly Winners!

Congrats to the Winners on Romance At Random!
Happy Sunday! Thanks again for blogging with us this week about everything romance — winners are below & if you are one, please send your snail mail to: so we can get you your book! International commenters please provide us your email addy so we may prepare your preview book in Net Galley. Authors that may have offered a giveaway during the week will post their winners on those posts in the comment section — so take a look to see if you’re included! Congratulations to these ladies!

Vanessa Renee Jamie LindaS See you next week! Happy Romance – SueG

Guest Post – Inconvenient, All-Consuming, Love by Stephanie Tyler + Giveaway!

Inconvenient, All-Consuming, Love by Stephanie Tyler I’ve been writing paranormals as Sydney Croft (With Larissa Ione) for as long as I’ve been writing romantic suspenses. For me, the suspenses have to have a bit more realism in them, but the paranormals, well, now that’s a place where I can kiss realism goodbye and dream about my biker wolves and their forbidden loves. In the Eternal Wolf Clan series, the first of which is out today, Dire Needs, you’ll get plenty of alpha wolves, romance and suspense – and that’s what got me thinking about this topic of realism versus fantasy. I admit I’m not a huge Sex and the City fan, but something always draws me to watch repeats whenever it’s on. Sometimes the women annoy me, mainly because I’ve known women like that –… Continue

On sale this week!! Friendly reminder – Romance At Random

Hi Ladies — reminder about our shopping list & the great titles on sale this week including: Lover’s Leap by Emily March
Readers have fallen in love with Eternity Springs, the magical town in Emily March’s beloved series where something wonderful happens to hearts in need of healing. Twenty years ago the town bad boy, Cam Murphy, left Eternity Springs in handcuffs, riding in the back of a sheriff’s van . . . and breaking young Sarah Reese’s heart. The defiant teenager vowed never to return. In Australia, Cam makes a new beginning. He builds a successful business and suffers few regrets until Sarah—and their daughter—walk into his life, and then immediately run away. Realizing it’s time to right yesterday’s wrongs, he follows Sarah home to Colorado—and turns her world upside down. Cam wants to… Continue

Book MatchMaker is here to mashup!+Giveaway!

The Book Matchmaker Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
catch me a catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect match . . .

I’ve been a bookseller, a marketing guru, a publicist, an editor, a writer and more importantly always a reader. No matter what kind of hat I’ve worn in the publishing industry there has been a constant common thread. Putting the right book into the right hands – I found it a challenge to get the match just right. My reward always came in the form of the reader returning and saying – What’s next?? What else should I read? Or while I was working marketing books on a larger scale, it became finding the right medium in which to reach the reader. Recently… Continue