Guest Post: Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon

The very first author I saw in person was Sue Grafton. She was talking at the Central Milwaukee Public Library to a packed house and had just finished F is For Fugitive. I was completely star struck. I had all the hard cover books in hand, but they only let you get 2 signed, so my friend stood in line with me and got the others autographed for me. It was a life changing moment for me and I looked for other opportunities to meet authors in the area. They were few and far between. One time Lisa Jackson came to a Barnes and Noble on the other side of town, but I braved the lousy weather to see her. I think that’s about it until I started writing a blog for Publishers Weekly ( … Continued

PW’s Barbara Vey & team list their Favorite Books of 2012

Thanks to Barbara & Team I thought you’d enjoy seeing their list of bests — we’d love to hear your favorites too, love to hear your recommendations! There are best of lists popping up all over. Best books, best movies, best fashions and more than enough worst lists, but we won’t go there. Rather than name “Best Books,” we’re going with the WW Ladies favorite reads of 2012. Now this doesn’t mean the book had to be published in 2012, it just means it had to be read in 2012. In their emails to me, many lamented the fact that they could pick just one and it was a very difficult decision. Kym absolutely couldn’t make up her mind. Regardless, here’s what I finally got out of them.