Baseball Romance: Is it really a home run?

"Some people think you need to like sports in order to enjoy a good sports romance. To those who wonder this, I ask, do you like a hot, sexy romance? Do you like a strong and muscular athletic hero? Do you like journeying with the hero and heroine as they strive toward their HEA despite obstacles being thrown in their way? If you answered yes to any of these, then you’ll like a sports romance!"

Top 10 Reasons to Love Sports Romance

I’m always surprised when I see a comment on GoodReads when a reader says they didn’t think they would like a sports romance. Huh? So here are the top 10 reasons you will love sports romance...

For the Love of the Game: Baseball Romances

"I once went on a forum for romance readers and asked, “So, sports romances?” and got crickets, aside from a couple of NASCAR romances. More power to readers who like those, but I don’t even own a car, so NASCAR’s not really my thing. I read a couple of ex-NFL player romances, but these were mostly heroes with the bodies of linebackers who had retired to become teachers or coaches or whatever, not active players. Nice, but it didn’t really scratch the itch..."
Baseball 2

#HunkDay: Baseball Hotties

Batter up—it's MLB opening season! To celebrate the new beginning of America's favorite pastime, we're dedicating today's #HunkDay to a few grand slamming players on the field. We're sure they have no problems getting to any bases. ;)