California Dreamin’: My Cowboy Hero

Never mind that I was born and raised on the East Coast: cowboys are my weakness. When I was growing up, if you wanted to see a man who spent his days and nights in the saddle the way I longed to, then you watched western series and movies on TV. I fell in love repeatedly. My first cowboy love was Clint Eastwood in the show Rawhide, a love that was reinforced by the spaghetti westerns he made with director Sergio Leone (For a Fistful of Dollars, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly; For a Few Dollars More). Since I was a kid, my love took an interesting form: I didn’t just want to be the impossibly cool cowboy, I wanted to look like him. For a period I went around… Continue

Beyond Hearts and Flowers

Okay, now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, it’s time to leave the chocolates and lingerie behind and talk some cold hard science. And yes, there is some science where love is concerned. The good news is that according to one of the latest books on the topic, humans are meant to be monogamous (take that, Hugh Heffner!): “Every day, we hear of relationships failing and questions of whether humans are meant to be monogamous. LOVE SENSE presents new scientific evidence that tells us that humans are meant to mate for life. Dr. Johnson explains that romantic love is an attachment bond, just like that between mother and child, and shows us how to develop our “love sense”–our ability to develop long-lasting relationships. Love is not the least bit illogical or random, but actually… Continue

What To Read In February

This month brings a real-life love story, hotties on ice, scorching revenge sex, and a search-and-rescue team that makes me want to lose myself. Melting the Ice by Jaci Burton (Berkley Sensation, Feb 4) Any story involving a budding fashion designer and a hockey player has my name written all over it. It seems that Carolina had a thing for Drew back in college, but for him it was just “another slap shot.” Something tells me the tables are about to turn. Getting ready to read and find out. Romance is My Day Job: A Memoir of Finding Love at Last by Patience Bloom (Penguin Group, February 6) Patience Bloom has been a romance editor at Harlequin for sixteen years. But for most of that time, her own love life couldn’t fill a cocktail napkin,… Continue

Winners Announced – On sale now, A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen Evans – 1st chapter Freebie + Giveaway

Here it is! On sale Tuesday, A Kiss of Lies – enjoy!

A Kiss of Lies The Disgraced Lords Series Bronwen Evans Loveswept Chapter 1
London, England, November 1815
“Get up!” If not for the fact that the rage-filled voice bellowing in his ear was speaking English, Christian Trent, the Earl of Markham, might have thought he was back in France. Certainly the press of cold steel at his throat flooded his brain with memories of the war: nightmarish memories, pain-filled memories. Memories he fervently tried, but hopelessly failed, to forget. Experience had taught him that when one was in such a precarious position, with a sword at one’s windpipe, with the identity and reasoning of the attacker unknown, one was wise to act cautiously.

November Releases for Loveswept, flirt

Here’s what’s on sale this month from Loveswept and Flirt Romance.
One Perfect Christmas by Stefanie Sloane (11/4/2013)
In an enchanting eBook novella, cherished Regency romance author Stefanie Sloane presents an irresistible tale of fiery passion that burns deep on a cold winter’s night. Although he’s never been prone to regret, the Honorable Lucas Cavanaugh cannot help but wish for a fresh start with Jane Merriweather. After being jilted by her fiancé, Jane turns to her dear childhood friend, Lucas, for support—and unlocks the hidden emotion and smoldering desire simmering in the man’s troubled heart. Frightened by his newfound feelings, Lucas flees to Scotland. But when the Christmas season brings them together again, one look at Jane is all that’s needed to reignite his yearning for the woman. Now Lucas must convince Jane that his… Continue

#Cover Reveals – Roman Holiday by Ruthie Knox

Roman Holiday is an epic romance that will be in ten parts over two “seasons” of one “episode” per week. Each episode is between 12,000 and 16,000 words long — roughly 40-60 pages — and all ten episodes taken together will form a single romance arc. There will be a break of a few months between seasons 1 and 2. The adventure begins November 11! Preorder here

#Book Review What Not to Bare – Love Saves the World reveals all

Tin – My Review: Lady Charlotte Jepstow dresses not to impress but to stupefy: mixing colors and patterns and embellishments with such exuberance that leaves her mother moaning, her lady’s maid lamenting her professional reputation — and leaving Lord David Marchston (newly-arrived from India) speechless: a rare feat considering he is a diplomat. Lord David Marchston had been asked to return to England to escape the scandal of his indiscretion there. It grates at David to be in England, where he isn’t “Lord David the diplomat” but “Lord David, the incredibly handsome younger brother to a marquess”. He longs to return to India where he is useful, where he is more than just his pretty face. But, first, he must fulfill a mission: court Lady Charlotte. What he initially viewed as a chore becomes a… Continue

Shower #Sex: A How-To, by Riley McKenna, Stiletto’s resident “sexpert”

Shower Sex: A How-To by Riley McKenna, Stiletto’s resident “sexpert” . . . I’m not going to lie:
I watch James Bond movies for the eye-candy. And that goes for all the James Bonds. Connery. Brosnan. Craig. Especially Daniel Craig. And his most recent one—Skyfall? Um, who cares about the guns and the gadgets, because did you see that shower scene? Sex in the shower is like sex on steroids. It’s steamier. Literally. It’s hotter. Literally. It’s wetter. Literally.

Flirt’s “Back to School” New Adult Blog Hop and #Giveaway

Welcome to Flirt University’s Back to School celebration! It’s time for the Three R’s, Flirt style—Reading, (W)Riting, and Romancing! In the spirit of getting to know one another on the first day of school, Flirt, Random House’s New Adult imprint, has set up a New Adult blog hop so you can discover other blogs that love the hottest new romance genre.
As part of the hop, Flirt is giving away its signature “I <3 New Adult” tote (for carrying books, ereaders, and other fun things), and its signature “I <3 New Adult” mug (perfect for that morning coffee pick-me-up)! Just check out the Rafflecopter link below!

Guest Post – Achieving the HEA by Joan Swan

I recently watched the movie Precinct 13, an edge-of-your seat crime drama, and was reminded of how seemingly insurmountable odds against the good guys could both evoke powerful emotions and compel an audience to keep their eyes glued to the screen, their fingers twisted in the nearest pillow…or sleeve…or hand… If you haven’t seen it and you love drama, Precinct 13 is definitely worth the watch.

#BookReview: My Master Dmitri – 5 Star review, have you been Claimed?

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Have you ever read a book that kept you up all night? That by the time you finished it you realized that not only hadn’t you gotten much sleep but you were so wrapped up and absorbed in the story that you forgot to eat? Been so captivated that you want to grab every person you see and shove the book in their face until they’ve read it too? Let Master Dmitri welcome you to Club Sin in Claimed. This book rocked me in ways I didn’t know a book could. I haven’t really delved much into the world of BDSM erotica. I’ve read books with traces of it, and some of my favorite fictional men have always been very alpha… Continue

#SneakPeek – Tempting a Devil by Samantha Kane

Sexy fun and delightfully clever romance readers will not want to miss book two in The Saint’s Devils, TEMPTING A DEVILFREE SNIPPET – read more here – http://samanthakane.us/Tempting%20a%20Devil%20Chapter%20One.pdf
ON sale now – buy here Praise for Tempting a Devil: Tempting a Devil is a sexy, scandalous story that had me turning page after page, just so I could read more of the witty banter, smart dialogue and emotion Samantha Kane puts forth. ~ Bestselling author Lydia Dare

First Kiss . . . how special was it, really? by Wendy Vella

Special Deal on Wendy’s historical Loveswept, THE RELUCTANT COUNTESS – only .99 — click here to order As a writer I love the first kiss scene because you never know when or where it’s going to happen. There are many different first kiss scenarios but often you have a build up of tension and awareness, plenty of smouldering looks, heated touches and then they fall on each other like a couple of hormonal teenagers, teeth clashing, tongues dancing and lips melding, with the inevitable end being in a bed/couch/chair/car/shower, (you get the picture).

World Book Night – what is it?

Each year, World Book Night is celebrated around the world on April 23. April 23 is the UNESCO International Day of the Book, as well as Shakespeare’s birthday. It was also chosen in honor of Miguel de Cervantes, who died on April 23, 1616 (the same day as Shakespeare). In the Catalan region of Spain, the day is celebrated by giving a book and a flower to a loved one.

New Release – First Loves by Jean Stone

The Making of
By Jean Stone
FIRST LOVES is the second of my novels to be re-issued as an e-book for the Loveswept program, and I am excited for it to be read by a new generation of women. In the same tradition as IVY SECRETS, it is about three very different women who are brought together by chance and stay together because of a common goal. This is a topic I love to write about, perhaps because my own friends are so different. If they were ever stuck in a room together, I am not sure they would get along, but it is always fun to put characters in hypothetical situations!

Authors Jennifer Probst & Elisabeth Barrett talk about books, cooking & more + Giveaway

Elisabeth: Hello, Jennifer, and thank you for joining me at Romance at Random. It is a huge treat to have you with me today, especially since I LOVE the Marriage to a Billionaire series that is now sweeping the nation. I know the Marriage Merger is coming out in July, but you have a brand new foodie romance in digital format coming March 4th, right? Jennifer: Yes, I’m really excited. It’s called All the Way and pits a restaurant owner against a food critic so there’s lots of yummy stuff to read about. Revenge, redemption, sex, angst, humor, and of course, tons of food! BTW, just loving your Star Harbor series and those yummy heroes. Counting down the days to the next installment . When is it finally out?

Guest Post: I’m being honest with you—I don’t like Valentine’s Day – by Jennifer Lohmann

This is a tough post for me to write because—I’m being honest with you—I don’t like Valentine’s Day. Before everyone clutches their heart at a romance author not liking Valentine’s Day, I need to defend myself; I used to hate Valentine’s Day. But this isn’t a Valentine’s Day sucks article. Instead, this is the story of how love makes those things you hate better.

5 Reasons for Readers to Join an Author Street Team + $50 giveaway!

By Kelsey Browning
Recently, I joined four other authors—Tracey Devlyn, Nancy Naigle, Adrienne Giordano and Tracy March —in establishing the Dangerous Darlings street team. Although the street team concept has been around for a while in the music industry, it’s still new to some authors and readers. So what is an author street team? It’s a group of loyal readers who help an author (or authors) spread the message about their books. Wow, free labor and promo – sign every author up, right? Not necessarily.

February New Releases

See what else is on sale now on our printable shopping list – just click here! Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian (On Sale 2/26) In this pulse-pounding and thrillingly sensual novel, New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian returns to the mesmerizing world of the Midnight Breed, following new characters into a dark future where an uneasy peace can unravel into war—and a great betrayal can mask an all-consuming love. A Most Scandalous Proposal by Ashlyn Macnamara (On Sale 2/26) In Ashlyn Macnamara’s stunning romance debut—perfect for fans of Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Sabrina Jeffries—two childhood friends in Regency England discover love with the most unlikely of partners: each other. After watching her beloved sister, Sophia, pine over the ton’s golden boy for years, Miss Julia St. Claire has foresworn love and put… Continue

WINNERS Announced – Happy Endings #Giveaway Hop, follow #HEGIVEAWAY #Free books!

Ladies, this is an easy one, comment below & share with us a happy ending story that has happened to you! Must be 18 & US to be eligible to win – winners will be chosen randomly. PRIZES
  • 4 Grand Prize US/Canada winners receive a SET of Love from Molly O’Keefe, signed by the author!! Can’t Hurry Love; Can’t Buy Love; Crazy Thing Called Love + the anthology of Naughty & Nice.
  • 3 US Winners of Molly’s newest release, Crazy Thing Called Love
  • 2 US Winners of $10 Gift Cards to a retailer of your choice
  • 1 US Winner receives a mashup of books, we choose, you receive
  • Do Readers Actually Make Recipes Printed in Novels? by Liz Maverick

    Do Readers Actually Make Recipes Printed in Novels? Dreamy or Disastrous? An Experiment. Last week, I headed out to Brooklyn, New York to bake with author Megan Caldwell. Our target was a recipe printed in the back of her upcoming pastry-tastic debut novel, Vanity Fare, about the charming Molly Hagan, a divorced single-mom who takes a job writing copy for a bakery and becomes entangled in a love triangle. There are five recipes in the back of the book. Three possibilities rose to the surface. We considered making the Much Ado About Muffins recipe or possibly the Tart of Darkness, but in the end we settled on Lord of the Tea Rings.