ORPHAN BLACK: Season 3 Finale

"Despite my gripes over the last few episodes, I must say I loved the conclusion of this season. I was kept at the edge of my seat, I got wrapped up in a few short, but heartfelt moments, and said goodbye to a few characters."

ORPHAN BLACK: Season 3, Episode 9

I think it’s safe to say that ORPHAN BLACK fans let out a collective sigh of relief after last night’s episode, “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow,” finally revealed patient zero. We’re getting close people, and though the road is far from straight and narrow, I guess it was worth the journey. Right? Last night’s episodes are a Trinity of some sort in that things came or went in threes: Sarah, Fee, and Mrs. S (Siobhan) went to London town to look for the original Castor, whom Siobhan promises she’ll kill once its identity is known. Who knew Siobhan can belt out a tune in such a sexy way? As expected, trouble follows Sarah so their little homecoming was far from uneventful, but we’ll come back to that later. Cosima, Shay, and Delphine‘s love triangle came to… Continue

ORPHAN BLACK: Season 3, Episode 8

"I am getting frustrated with this season! It started really strong then the episodes just kept on blowing hot air. Lots of distracting plot devices, more characters added in, and yet we're farther from a resolution, or the truth for that matter, than before! We're already on episode 8 and the Orphan Black universe is still expanding..."

Most Anticipated Books: Summer ’15

Happy June! Now we can officially start looking forward to summer. And with summer, a great batch of new books. What are our bloggers most looking forward to? Read on!

ORPHAN BLACK: Season 3, Episode 5

"Finally, the sestras have reunited – but it’s not cozy. The Castors and Mother Virginia has gotten to our feisty assassin that she didn't feel the warm and fuzzies upon seeing her twin, Sarah. Oh Helena, if only you knew the lengths Sarah went through to get to you! I mean it's not the most ideal situation but at least you guys are back together... sort of."

HER LONE WOLF by Paige Tyler

Her Lone Wolf continues the hybrid experiment plot arc that started in Her Perfect Mate, with Ivy, Landon, Clayne, and now Danica and the rest of the DCO hot on the heels of the mad scientists who are turning humans into shifters.


Love, death, and revenge are the predominant themes of Bec McMaster’s latest London Steampunk installment, Forged By Desire. After enduring the clutches of a power-hungry Duke and his mad scientist henchman, Perry Lowell decides to join the Nighthawks, hoping that she can put her past behind and forge a new life. Her partner, Garrett Reed, is wise enough not to ask Perry about her secrets up until it finally catches up with her. A serial killer is on the loose in the streets of London, cutting up his female victims and doing nasty experiments with them. The killer’s M.O. is very familiar to Perry, bringing up horrific memories. It takes a while for her to face her fears and the man behind her nightmares. Eventually, with Garrett and the rest of the Nighthawks’ help,… Continue


It’s the age-old tale of angels versus demons, but forget the usual stuff about their rift because Jeaniene Frost is switching things up in The Beautiful Ashes. Curious? Since I’ve been fortunate enough to snag an ARC, I’m giving you a quick lowdown on Ivy and Adrian’s story. The rest you just have to read for yourself. Let’s start with the romance: what you’ll find in The Beautiful Ashes is the forbidden sort as Ivy and Adrian’s lineage has been at odds with each other for centuries. Now I wouldn’t necessarily call it insta-love because they said the L-word towards the end but if we are to follow the timeline, Ivy and Adrian did fall for each other sooner rather than later. That said, I didn’t find this story to be driven by the… Continue

EVER AFTER by Kate SeRine

Kate Serine’s Transplanted Tales is my favorite fairy tale-inspired series. The series gist is very similar to the TV show Once Upon a Time: a rift happens, and our beloved characters from lores, legends, myths, and tales of old are transplanted to our world.  Some have managed to stay true to their characters as they were in the tales, some are almost unrecognizable, while others managed to do both like the heroes and heroines of each installment. Ever After is book four of the series. The hero is Gideon, whom we’ve met in the earlier books, a loyal Unseelie guard to the royal fae family, and his lady love, Arabella aka Robin Hood. I was one of those fans who immediately took an immediate liking to Gideon in book two, The Better to See YouContinue