THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB by Brenda Janowitz: Excerpt

Do you like music? Stories of love when you least expect it? If yes to either of those questions (and really, who would say no?) check out THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB : Jo Waldman is a young singer/songwriter whose personal and professional life have hit rock bottom… until a blog post she writes goes viral, making her the poster girl for an “anti-love” movement that sweeps Manhattan. Today at R@R we have an excerpt of the first chapter. Chapter One: Money for Nothing   “Jo, you’re fired,” he says. Just like that. Fired. And I’m utterly shocked. I know, no one ever expects to be fired, but I really didn’t see this coming. My mouth is wide open as I stare back at him. “Fired?” is all I can choke out. The room begins to spin.… Continue
Brenda Janowitz official headshot

Brenda Janowitz and a RECIPE FOR A HAPPY LIFE

LB: Your first novel, Scot on the Rocks, published when – about eight years ago? And I read your latest novel, Recipe for a Happy Life, this past summer. How has your writing changed between those two books? And how has the experience of publishing a novel changed? BJ: My first two novels would be classified as “chick lit,” which is to say they’re smart, funny novels with heart about a single girl living in the city.  And that’s exactly what I was at the time.  But just as I’ve grown up, my writing has grown up, too. With RECIPE FOR A HAPPY LIFE, I was looking to do something different.  Something more grown up.  Something deeper.  The idea for the book—a granddaughter and her grandmother out in the Hamptons for the summer—was… Continue