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6 Celebrity 2nd Marriages That Have Gone the Distance

Some of these marriages are so sweet and enduring we forgot that they were a 2nd attempt at wedded bliss.  Here’s to those who really made it work the second time around. 1.       Ronald & Nancy Reagan
Once upon a time, divorce could stop a political career in its tracks. Fortuitously, actor Ronald Reagan hadn’t entered politics yet when his marriage to actress Jane Wyman ended in 1948—after eight years together. By the time he ran for president in 1980, he had been married to second wife, Nancy Davis, for 28 years and voters forgave him (or never knew about his first marriage to begin with). Ronnie and Nancy were openly affectionate throughout their marriage. He wrote love letters to her often. He once wrote, “Whatever I treasure and enjoy … all would be without meaning… Continue

Guest Post: Molly O’Keefe on Celebrity Fantasies

I have a well-worn fantasy that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon come over to my house for Thanksgiving dinner. (Why THAT is my fantasy for those two men is clearly something I should worry about). For some reason their cars break down in front of my parent’s house (what they are doing with their families in the corn fields of Northern Illinois at Thanksgiving is irrelevant) and because of the holiday and despite their fame, they need to hang out until their cars are fixed. So, of course they come in for Thanksgiving dinner. All eleven of them. Things start off rough. My parent’s normally unshakeable Midwestern practicality gets all shaken up by the celebrity. I’m trying too hard to make them feel comfortable and not like strangers in a strange land.