Character Creation in a Nutshell

Making up people is probably my favorite part of writing fiction. And when I say making up people, I don’t mean names and physical traits. I actually loathe those parts and will literally get stuck while writing a proposal for a new project because I don’t have a name for my MC. Then I’ll run out to Chipotle for some comfort food, look at the name tag of the first burrito engineer I see: Jim. That works for me. But Jim what? Jim Chicken? Jim Guacamole? Jim Steak? Jim Stakeman. Done. And physical traits. If there’s nothing in the plot that might require a certain look or feature, then the creation process will go something like this: okay, I did red hair last time and blonde before that, so let’s go with brown. Done. The… Continue

Secondary Characters Gone Rogue by Maggie McGinnis

Before I started writing seriously, I used to listen to authors talk about how their characters would take over their books. I was mystified. You’re the author, I’d think. How in the world did you not know what this character was going to do? She’s a figment of your imagination! You created her! You OWN her, for goodness sake! Ha.

Romance Readers – understanding the H/H + 15 book giveaway!

One of the most important things for me when reading a book is understanding the characters . . . what makes them tick . . . what motivates them. What about you? Let’s chat. As a reader, I need to understand why the characters make the decisions they do and in order to have that understanding I need to know more about them, what are they like as people – their background, their upbringing. Readers need to relate to the characters, the H/H have got to be real, people you would want to know and above all they’ve got to think, act and talk like us – do you know what I mean?


There are many reasons people read romance. I read romance because it entertains me and makes me happy, plain and simple. Even when a romance novel makes me cry, I can always count on that happily-ever-after ending to lift me up and make me smile. But there are times when life throws a curve ball and a case of the blues seems inevitable. At times like these, I tend to read more romance, and I turn to specific sub-genres to “take me away”. Not just any romance novel will do though. While all romance novels involve a certain amount of fantasy, I find that I tend to read less contemporary and historical romance when I’m feeling down and instead I turn to paranormal romance and some romantic urban fantasy. Contemporary and historical romance are favorite… Continue