C.C. Hunter

Winner Announced – Interview: C.C. Hunter, New York Times Bestselling Young Adult author + $25 EGC Giveaway

Thanks for joining C.C. and I today! C.C. is giving away a $25 Amazon card to anyone who answers the question: What piece of advice would you give your teen self? Answer below and a winner will be randomly chosen – good luck! ****Our Winner is . . .pamwright2913 — she has been contacted to claim her prize – thanks all for blogging!!
Me: I’ve heard you were asked to write a young adult series and you weren’t actually writing or reading in that genre at the time. How did you pull it off? CC: It was like cramming for finals. In about three weeks, I read twenty YA books. Then, I took a long trip down memory lane to remember what it was like to be sixteen. It wasn’t an easy trip. That’s when… Continue

How Did I Come Up With That? by Christie Craig + Giveaway!

New York Times bestselling author Christie Craig joins us today on Romance at Random: When I write, the bits and pieces that make up my stories are pulled from my imagination. But my imagination draws from the true-life data filed away in my memory bank. Considering I write about bizarre situations, it should offer a clue to the craziness that happens in my life. In the first scene of The Cop who Stole Christmas, my November 25th release, my heroine, Savanna Edwards, is soaking in a tub with a cup of moisturizing mayonnaise in her hair and a skin-toning Smurf-blue mask on her face. When she hears clanking in her front yard, she leaves her relaxing soak, dons a pink fuzzy robe, and finds a Santa Claus-dressed wrecker driver stealing her car. Savanna’s neighbor,… Continue

Embarrassing Moments In and Out of Books + $50 GC winner from Christie Craig

Oh my – I think we’ve all had our share of those! Embarrassing moments are most fun when they are about someone else, don’t you agree? Enjoy Christie’s post! The other day I was speeding to my nine o’clock massage appointment. I was half-way there, a five minute drive, but I was five minutes late. That’s when I realized I’d forgotten something. I had to turn back—HAD to! I was just thankful that I’d remembered before I’d arrived at the massage clinic. Oh, and I prayed Hubby was upstairs, and I wouldn’t have to explain.