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For the Love of Alphas

There are continuing debates in the romance world concerning alpha heroes vs. beta heroes. I say give me an alpha hero any time. Why? Because for me they are the easiest of the male species to understand. How can I make such a broad claim? Just under forty years ago at the ripe old age of not quite twenty-two, I was assigned to an Army Special Forces (Green Beret) battalion; the first woman they’d ever had, and the youngest soldier in the unit. Yup, it was me and two hundred and thirty-six alpha males. Even the support staff were alphas! They decided that it might be fun to teach me how to shoot an M-16 on the pop up range, rappel out of a helicopter, and send me to spy on another command in a… Continue

Winners Announced: Sara Humphreys & C.H. Admirand share their favorite Christmas Memories + Giveaway!

Sara Humphreys’ Favorite Christmas Tradition & Memory Hello! Thank you so much for hosting C.H. and I today here on Romance at Random. Merry Christmas to all! I love Christmas and it goes without saying that it’s my favorite time of year. We have several holiday traditions. Some of them were from my childhood and others are traditions my husband I have created with our boys over the years.

Christmas in Whisper Creek, Kyla-Style

Those of you who’ve read Accidental Cowgirl know how much I loved Montana in August. In fact, I was pretty sure nothing else would ever compare. Well, I was wrong. You just haven’t done the holidays ‘til you’ve done them the Whisper Creek way. As I write this, a toasty fire is crackling in the stone fireplace of our little cabin, the snow is falling like puffy cornflakes, and it looks like we might be snowed in for the weekend. Just me, Decker, a cozy fire, and lots of cocoa.

WINNERS ANNOUNCED ~ Hot #Holiday Hunk Hop

Happy Holidays to everyone – what better way to celebrate this time of year than to heat it up with hot hero hunks? Ladies meet Ethan (Ruined) and Evan (Wanted) — these are two hot, to-die-for hunks that you’ll definitely want to get to know — both of their books release January 7, 2014. More details here: RUINED ; WANTED
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#FrostOnFriday – another free snippet from Tracy Wolff and her January release, RUINED

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re having a fabulous week And to put the cherry on top, here’s another glimpse at Ethan Frost, and Ruined, my January 7th release! Hope you enjoy And happy holidays!!!! Excerpt:
“Is that what I think it is?” I whisper, leaning down to get a closer look. I nearly whimper as I see the distinctive interior, then clasp my hands behind my back so I’m not tempted to touch it. Or try to steal it.
“You really do know cars.” Ethan sounds surprised, but I’m too busy trying not to lick his Ferrari to get offended.
“You don’t have to ‘know’ cars to know of this one. There were only thirty-six of them ever made. I mean, as long as you don’t count all the imposters that came afterward.”
“It doesn’t… Continue

Winners Announced: Merry Christmas, everyone! Guest Post from Marquita Valentine + Giveaway

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’m so happy to be back at Romance @ Random to hang out with y’all. Big thanks to Sue for letting me come on here to share what keeps me warm, a big multi-author sale, and a GINORMOUS giveaway! Normally, I’m the most hot-blooded person on the planet. In the summertime, I sleep in the least amount of clothing I can get away with, on top of the covers, with the ceiling fan at full blast, and the a/c at minus twenty. Seriously. I’ve been this way since I was itty-bitty. I blame my mother for this, and her mother as well. Unfortunately for Hot Builder aka the husband, our children inherited this trait and are as hot-blooded as I am. However, something happens to my body once winter hits—and yeah, I… Continue

Heather Sands from The Book Reading Gals shares favorite Holiday reads

I love reading holiday romances. There’s just something magic in the air at this time of year, especially when it comes to falling in love. My very cynical mother in law would tell me it’s because I meet and fell in love with my husband in December, but the truth is I have always felt this way. As a kid I loved the fact that it was love that made the Grinch return all the presents to the citizens of Whoville. As a teenager I would glom all the romance Christmas stories. But what I really enjoyed reading was the Christmas love stories in series I already loved.

#Loveswept Christmas, Celebrate the Love

A little snow on the ground and I’m already thinking about what to read for the holidays . . . . it’s not too early is it? If you’ve not already obtained a copy do not miss this fun, romantic anthology of romances – one for each holiday:

Watch the trailer for MIRACLE ROAD by Emily March, on sale today!

You’re seeing it here first: Below you’ll find the trailer for MIRACLE ROAD, Emily March’s latest novel set in the endearing town of Eternity Springs. After tragedy strikes his team, college basketball coach Lucca Romano arrives in the haven of Eternity Springs to reassess his life. Even a winning record and big offers can’t dent the wall of guilt that Lucca has built around himself. Nothing can—except maybe a vibrant new neighbor who won’t give up on him. Schoolteacher Hope Montgomery believes in miracles. She has to believe—because giving up would mean crumbling under the greatest loss a parent can endure. Hope understands Lucca’s suffering; she lives it herself every day. However, the high school team needs his coaching expertise, so she sets out to draw him from his cold, solitary shell and into the… Continue

Icing on My Cowboy Cake by Tina Leonard + $25 EGC Giveaway!

A long time ago I dated a bullrider. He was sweet, funny, and handsome. I had a black and white glossy of him on the back of a bull, in full kick, in my high school locker. In fact, I might still have that 8 x 10 in a box somewhere in the attic. To say that he was a dreamboat doesn’t do him justice. So sometimes when I’m envisioning a hero for one of my cowboy romances, never mind the iconic actors who star in western movies, in my mind’s eye I see that hunk on a bull and remember his heroic qualities. Here where I live here in central Texas, there’s more inspiration as well. From time to time I see living, breathing cowboys who contribute to my arsenal of inspiration. I was… Continue

New Release! On sale today, Mistletoe & Magic by Katie Rose

Mistletoe & Magic on sale today! Just .99
In Katie Rose’s delightful eBook original novella set in Victorian New York City, a remarkable woman with the gift of second sight must learn to trust her visions while following her heart. Mistletoe Blog – By Katie Rose Penelope Appleton was the most beautiful of the Appleton sisters, and she possessed a secret. While Winifred and Jennifer had posed as spiritualists, pretending to contact the dead and read fortunes, Penelope truly could see the future.

Time to fess up – what gift did you get that you didn’t want?

Oh yes, don’t look so innocent – we all got one, that dreaded holiday gift from god knows where – the gift that you can’t EVEN keep on giving because, well, it is horrible! So spill, here & now, did it happen to you? Always love those animal gifts — why do people always think your cat needs a sweater?

What’s special about Christmas & the Holidays to us?

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays – whichever you prefer – A season of family, fun, remembrance, food, gifts, giving, hope, faith and love plus an overall sense of comfort for most. Being the social media hound that I am I posed the question to our Twitter peeps asking: What are some of your favorite holiday memories? Let’s peruse the responses below . . . . . & please share some of yours in the comments section below too!
  • Heather says: ‘we have a Christmas movie a night. some are cartoons, some musicals, and all old. Last night it was White Christmas’
  • Our Top 10 Favorite Romantic Holiday Movies

    While I’m sure your days are packed with last-minute shopping, wrapping gifts, and writing out cards, your nights might be a little quieter. If you need to give your mind a break and you’re (understandably) not in the mood to read, you’ll still need a way to get your romance fix. RomanceAtRandom’s got you covered!

    Author’s share their Holiday Memories #romantic!!

    The holiday’s come & go, almost too swiftly IMO — do you ever take the time to reminisce? Think about some of the fun, and not so fun moments of the season and seasons past? We’ve asked some of you to share in the holiday fun . . . let’s reminisce! My mistletoe wow was one of the first years my now husband and I were dating. I had no intention of getting a Christmas tree–too poor, no idea where to go, and no way to get it home anyway–and he snuck into my apartment with a tree and decorated it with pink ribbons, fake pearls, and a pair of pink underwear. Mine, of course. I was floored at his thoughtfulness, not to mention his decorating ingenuity.
    –Megan Frampton, Hero of My Heart, April… Continue

    Authors share their favorite Holiday movie, what’s yours?

    My favorite holiday movie isn’t really a movie, but a “special” (that’s what they used to call such programs back in the day): A Charlie Brown Christmas. No matter how many times I see it, it brings a tear to my eye, and I’m not normally sentimental. I also love the music. I’m pretty sure I watched it the very first time it was broadcast and probably every year since. Now that you can watch it free online, I don’t have to worry that I’ll miss it.
    —Kara Lennox, Loveswept author of Lana’s Lawman
    My favorite holiday movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. I’ve been watching it since I was far too young to understand it, and every year that I see it, I seem to catch another layer to the story. For me, Continue

    Guest Post – Tis the season for comfort & joy & crossword puzzles by Elisabeth Barrett + Giveaway

    I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort lately. Physical comfort, like safety, warmth, and nourishment for me and my family really resonate at this time of year, but so does emotional comfort. By emotional comfort I mean things that feed my soul—things that aren’t absolutely necessary to survive, but that help make a satisfying, fulfilling life. For me, these things include friends, great books, amazing food, and crosswords (yes, I know, I’m a strange one). During most of the year, I like to mix things up. I’ll hang out with different friends, read different books, try different recipes, and try not to repeat the same crossword puzzle.

    Ruthie’s Reality: On Molasses Cookies and Hero-Speak + Cookie Giveaway!

    It’s that time of year again . . . if by “that time of year” you mean “the time of year when we have to bake a lot of cookies, mail a lot of packages, and frantically try not to think about the work we’re not getting done so as to remain in the ‘holiday spirit.'” Or maybe that’s just me.
    In any case, pass the spiked eggnog, will you? When I was a kid, I thought eggnog was a very grown-up, festive beverage. My grandparents served it to me (unspiked) in a grown-up glass, sprinkled with nutmeg, and it always made me feel very worldly and mature to drink it. These days, I can hardly choke it down, it’s so sweet and thick. But I might be able to manage with a stiff shot… Continue

    Guest Post: Kaki Warner, Ah…That first Christmas Dinner…+ Giveaway!

    Most readers probably think romance authors glide around the kitchen in slinky outfits and stilettoes, sipping fine wine and thinking about passionate things while they cook up fabulous gourmet meals. Not at my house. I’m a lousy cook, the last in a long line of lousy cooks. I say ‘last’ because my daughter, bless her heart, has broken the cycle. She’s a fabulous cook. Probably because she uses those recipe things. How boring is that? Not too, if you want to eat without gagging, I suppose.

    Christmas Fairies & Bah Humbugs!! by Wendy Vella + Giveaway!

    What I’ve noticed about Christmas, as I’m hurtling towards middle age with alarming speed, is that it comes around earlier every year. The frenzied shoppers seem to be in the stores from the end of October and the Christmas music is blaring through sound systems early November. There is a shortage of car parks and the cues are longer, of course my definition of both these is from living in a country with the population of 4,405,200 so you’re probably yelling something like CUES! YOU WANT CUES! At your computer right about now. As December is basically nominated ‘humor Mum month’, I take full advantage of it. I attend the Christmas Carols in the park complete with the mosquitoes as hopefully the temperatures are now soaring, and make everyone watch the Muppets Christmas Carol movie… Continue

    Guest Post: Anne Gracie, Mischief and Mistletoe + #Giveaway

    I’m getting ready for an Orphans’ Christmas. Sounds a bit tragic and Dickensian, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, I’m not planning to play Lady Bountiful, or even going to watch orphans eat — they used to do that in the 19th century, by the way — rich people would come and “view the orphans” as if they were a kind of zoo— rather ghastly, I think. My Orphans’ Christmas is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. It’s simply a gathering of friends — my alternate family. In these days of fractured and far flung families, it’s not so easy to get together for the traditional family Christmas, and some years back, rather than face a quiet and possibly lonely Christmas some friends and I decided to be our own family and have… Continue