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I Cannot Believe It Is Finally On Sale ~ SHATTERED

Life throws you curve balls and only the strong survive. Ash is one of those guys and Tansy is one of those girls. . . Wild, fun, and impulsive, Tansy is a cancer survivor who spent the past several years waiting to die -- now, cancer-free, Tansy has a fresh perspective on life and that means making the most of her time while she still can. When the story starts their chemistry is intense. Both characters deal with trauma no adult should have to deal with at such a young age ---- Tansy has already picked up the pieces of her shattered life, can she help Ash do the same? Romantic, emotional, life-changing -- yes, this story makes you appreciate the simple things and cheer for the strongest couple ever!! Don't miss this fantastic story - the second book in the Extreme Risk series, on sale now -
Cassie Mae

Cover Reveal with The Real Thing by Cassie Mae

Friends to lovers is one of my favorite romance tropes and when this theme is written with a new adult setting in the clever, sassy style that Cassie Mae pens all I can do is squeal.

BUT - then look at the cover – double squeal!!

Double dare you – tell me you do not love this cover!

Wait until you read the story – shy Eric Matua is besties with popular Mia Johnson and has been since childhood. When summer break approaches Eric offers Mia a place to hang before the new college school season begins. Their relationship is fun, familiar and heartwarming and very sexy too *blushes* – don’t miss, THE REAL THING on sale August 19th.
Tracy WOlff

Much Love for this Story from the

SHREDDED by Tracy Wolff
New Adult Romance Book

January 18, 2014 In this intense and exhilarating New Adult series debut, a hotshot snowboarder and a rebel with a cause try to let go of the past—and find a future with each other. Twenty-one-year-old professional snowboarder Z Michaels is the bad boy of Park City, Utah. He’s always had his pick of any girl in town—and on the competition circuit. But underneath his cool exterior is a young man in turmoil, trying to take the edge off tragedy by overindulging in sex and shredding the slopes. In fact, Z’s rash behavior is a thinly veiled attempt to blunt his emotional suffering with physical pain. Ophelia Richardson isn’t like any girl Z has ever met. Though she’s from New Orleans, she’s no Southern belle—and she’s not… Continue

#FrostOnFriday – Ruined on sale now, meet Ethan and find out what it’s all about – enjoy this #Free snippet!!

From the author:
Hey, everyone! I hope you enjoyed Control this week Since I posted the last excerpt yesterday, I wanted to finish up this week with a Frost on Friday. So here’s another quick look at Ethan and Chloe. Hope you enjoy
Missed any? Review all #FrostOnFriday here.
I get to work early on Monday morning so I can run by Ethan’s office to see him. And to drop off the blender. His assistant ushers me right into his office, his eyes on the blender the entire time. I don’t know if that’s because he’s fascinated by the endless possibilities presented by the Vitamix, or if it’s because I missed a hickey in the great love bite cover-up that took the better half of my morning and he’s desperate not to focus… Continue

#CoverReveal for Julie Cross and her Flirt release, Third Degree

Rejected for medical residency programs, Isabelle Jenkins, former child genius, decides to pursue her third college degree, but not as the brilliant minor who wowed America when she solved complex mathematical equations on the Dr. Phil show—this time she’s undercover and majoring in being eighteen. And being eighteen means making friends with people who aren’t professors or scientists, partying, and dating — to enjoy life and all the things she missed out on as a child. But, after struggling through a week of classes as a PE major and making zero strides to bond with her roommate, Izzy enlists the help of her hot RA, Marshall Collins, to teach her how to be the life of the party. However, what Marshall really ends up schooling her in is the most important lesson college has to… Continue

Monica’s Musings by Monica Murphy, author of Three Broken Promises + Giveaway!

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What a year. It was around this time in 2012 that I was in the middle of a binge reading fest that consisted of nothing but new adult books. I devoured them. Loved pretty much every single one of them. Abbi Glines, Nyrae Dawn, Colleen Hoover, Jessica Sorensen…those were the first four NA authors I read and was wowed by. There are more. So many more that I could mention but then this post would turn into nothing but a list. Instead, I’ll just reference you to an excellent Goodreads NA list that you can check and compare to see if you’ve missed any great books.

Shattered by Tracy Wolff – #CoverReveal

The Extreme Risk series—Tracy Wolff’s edgy, emotional take on the New Adult genre—continues with the story of a lost soul and the fearless beauty who inspires him to take a flying leap back into life.

Monica’s Musings: Deleted Scenes and Giveaway!

Monica’s Musings: This week, you should be able to find the print version of SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND, the second book in the One Week Girlfriend series, available on bookshelves. If you’ve read ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND and are dying to continue with Drew + Fable’s story, I sincerely hope you run out and pick up a copy! It’s funny to think that I’m coming up on a year since I wrote ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND. It doesn’t seem that long ago when I sat at my desk late at night in December, the story pouring out of me. I was a woman possessed, dealing with the holidays and this story that wouldn’t let me go. More than once I thought, am I doing this story justice? Or is it flat out terrible? I was unsure… Continue


This week we’re giving away 10 copies of Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica Murphy, the exhilarating conclusion to Drew and Fable’s story—the star-crossed young romance that began in One Week Girlfriend. As always, you can head over to Romance at Random’s Giveaway Tab, for any giveaway details you might need, and we’ll remind you every day during this week to enter via Facebook and on Twitter. Follow us now so you won’t miss out! Get your copy now!

#TGIF with flirt – Isn’t She Lovely by Lauren Layne #Free Read

#TGIF everyone! Enjoy the FREE read from Lauren Layne’s, ISN’T SHE LOVELY – on sale 10/28, just $2.99 . . . . . The rules are clear—until they’re broken. Lauren Layne puts a New Adult spin on Pygmalion, also the inspiration for Pretty Woman, and gives the classic love story its edgiest twist yet. “Who knew that pretending you’re not falling for someone would be so much more difficult than pretending that you are?” See Below for FREE Read

Monica’s Musings – Monica Murphy Interviews New Adult Author, Lauren Layne

I’m happy to introduce my first guest at Monica’s Musings, the lovely Lauren Layne! She’s the author of ISN’T SHE LOVELY (Flirt), which is coming out October 28th! Welcome Lauren, to Monica’s Musings! So excited to have you here today!
1. First, tell us a little bit about yourself. LL: Thanks so much for having me! The best thing about these virtual interviews is that one doesn’t have to get all gussied up, but I just wanted you to know that as a huge fan of yours, I did shower before tackling this interview. Trust me, you should be flattered. MM:(Awww….*blushes* You are too sweet. And you look extra pretty today!)

#CoverReveal Four Years Later by Monica Murphy

About the Author:
Monica Murphy is the New York Times bestselling author of One Week Girlfriend, Second Chance Boyfriend, Three Broken Promises, and the soon-to-be released Four Years Later. A native Californian, she lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children.
Visit Monica on her Website | Buy her books here

Guest Post: The Reality of Leaving Home by Cassie Mae #Flirt

The first year out on your own sort of kicks you in the butt. I think the best way for me to show this, is by sharing a letter from a freshman friend to another, a few months after moving away. BriAnne! I swear, if I have to eat another box of Suddenly Salad, I’m going to grow into a noodle. Why can’t steak cost sixty-eight cents? I’d call home and beg for money, but I did that yesterday. Used it to buy milk and Tylenol. Because that’s healthy, ha! I actually need the pain killers because these classes are killing me. Also… I’m not sure if my math professor even knows my name. He keeps calling me Kelly. “Good work on your last test, Kelly.” “Make sure the quadratic is correct here, Kelly.” “You’re Continue

Winners chosen – New Release – Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae #Giveaway

Kelli Pinkins is a Friday Night Alibi. What is that? She is an excuse for others to see boys or girls that their parents don’t want them to see. Or an excuse for them to visit a club. She gets paid and she gets paid well. All is going well for Kelli until Chase comes into the picture, Chase doesn’t fit the Sundale image. Kelli has no idea what to do..does she say a Friday Night Alibi or give into something real? This was a really cute read!

#BookTrailer #Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae

“ The characters were developed so well and they felt so real. ” ~ Amazon Reader WOW. Wow. WOW! This is the sweetest story I have read in a long time. It made me laugh out loud, cry and will seriously tug at your heart. I read it in one sitting- Couldn’t put it down.
~5.0 out of 5 stars Sweetest Story EVER!~ By
Amy Castellano “ChicBookChick”

Rising star Cassie Mae introduces New Adult readers to a practical soon-to-be college freshman who seems to have everything—until a special guy shows her what she’s been missing.

Guest Post: Celebrating Summer by Lauren Layne

I’ll be the first to admit that winter my favorite season. People always think I’m joking about this, but I absolutely mean it. I love everything about winter. Sure, it’s cold, dark and often a bit damp. But it’s also the season of cozy sweaters and peppermint mochas and fireplaces. It’s that first snow and that first Christmas carol. It’s blustery evenings where you have nowhere to be, and can curl up with a good book and your favorite fuzzy blanket.