Why I Write BDSM

Chances are, if you ever meet me, you’ll find out pretty quickly that I’m an open book. I also don’t hide what I write. Well, unless I’m talking to people I went to seminary with and then—do you blame me? So, pretty much everyone in my life knows that I write BDSM fiction. Yes, my parents and grandmother are aware of it. They just don’t want to talk about it. I often joke and tell people in my day-to-day life they aren’t old enough to read my books yet, which gets a few laughs. Every now and then, someone is curious enough to ask me the real question. Why do you write kink? To be honest, at first I did it just because I was curious. I wanted to know if I could write what… Continue
Sidney Bristol

Cover Reveal – COMMITTED by Sidney Bristol ~ The First in the Drug of Desire Series

Here it is – book one, COMMITTED! Is your jaw dropping? Mine did – and let me tell you this is one hot, HOT, hot romance! If you like Stacey Kennedy and Club Sin? Stick around and meet Damien *sigh* – yes, he’s just that good. Jodie says it all right here: “The relationship between Damien and Poppy gives a hot, sexy, and realistic view of kink and power exchange, along with suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”—Jodie Griffin, author of the Bondage & Breakfast series
You’ve got to share – what are you thinking? Is Damien a go?