Romantic gifts, what are some of the most memorable?

One of my Twitter peeps came up with this topic which I thought was grand – romancing the hero or heroine, what are some of your favorite examples?
In Nora Roberts Bride Quartet series, one of her heroes gave his heroine shoes . . .to say he was sorry *sigh* Sherry Thomas’s, NOT QUITE A HUSBAND, the hero gave the heroine a microscope because he knew her love for astronomy *romantic* ANY MAN OF MINE our hero washed dishes for his heroine – WOW! NAKED IN DEATH by JD Robb, Roarke gave Eve real coffee (big in the future) Other books, hero gave heroine a harp; or in paranormal a knife so the heroine could defend herself, and so on.
Thanks to Marquita for these great moments in romance – she was our Twitter… Continue