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#HunkDay: Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

Happy #HunkDay! I am SOOO excited for Maggie McGinnis' return to Whisper Creek in ONCE UPON A COWBOY—so, obviously, I giddy-upped over to Pinterest to find only the sexiest cowboys in the wild, wild west. Without further ado, here are a few cowboy hunks this chickadee would love to saddle up with.

Best of the West

We are thrilled to have Kimberly Rocha of the fabulous Book Obsessed Chicks here today to discuss one of her favorite romance genres – Westerns! Every month she stops by to make sure you don’t miss her old and new favs set in the wild, wild, West. Kimberly is one of the most well-read, knowledgeable bloggers in all of romance. You can take her recommendations to heart!

TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH by Leigh Greenwood

Leigh Greenwood is a new author to me. I was very fortunate to have met this lovely man (yes, a man writing romance) at RWA in San Antonio this summer and I grabbed his first book in the Cactus Creek Cowboys series, To Have And To Hold, and fell in love. After a disappointing marriage to a man her father basically sold her to, Laurie Spencer and become a widow after the sudden death of her husband Noah. Instead of going into mourning, Laurie takes a breath of relief. Her husband didn’t let one day go by without insulting her appearance or discounting her intelligence and abilities. She is finally able to live the way she wants to without anyone telling her what to do, how to dress or how to act…or so she thinks.… Continue
Maggie McGinnis

You Can’t Choose Your Family

Weddings are all about the bride and groom, sure. But I have to say, I’m way more intrigued by the families that molded them, guided them, surrounded or wounded them on their way to this monumental step, and that’s why I like my own books to be filled with those big, messy families – the good ones, the not-so-good ones, and sometimes, the ones you would never invite TO the wedding.
Tina Leonard

#CoverReveal – Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys by Tina Leonard

A sexy cowgirl gives a rugged Texas loner the ride of his life in USA Today bestselling author Tina Leonard’s seductive new series. Ava Buchanan dreams of a career on the rodeo circuit. Winning a spot on a one-of-a-kind team would be her ticket to the life she’s always wanted. Ava won’t let anyone stand in her way—not even a stubborn cowboy whose slow-molasses smile and red-hot swagger set her senses aflame . . . and whose talents as a trainer could make her a star. Rodeo might be a man’s game, but Ava knows the right woman’s touch can tame the wildest heart. Trace Carter believes his mayor’s plan to raise the town’s profile has disaster written all over it, and he won’t allow the Hell’s Outlaws Training Center to be dragged into… Continue

#BookReview – Accidental Cowgirl by Maggie McGinnis

5 STAR Review by Argutle, CHILL REVIEWS:
Kyla doesn’t know if she can ever trust a guy again. I mean the one she was supposed to live with the rest of her life ended up being married already and set her up to go to jail. Her friends try to take her mind off of all the crap she’s been living with for the past year and take her on vacation, to a dude ranch. At first she has no clue what possessed them to bring her to a ranch in Montana, but slowly she starts relaxing and realizes that she could easily stay there forever.

Guest Post – Just a Cowboy and His Baby by Carolyn Brown

It seems fitting that Just a Cowboy and His Baby hit the book stores today because December is the month that the rodeo cowboys gather in Las Vegas for the Pro Rodeo Championship. Gemma and Trace are both entered in the saddle bronc riding. A whole bunch of cowboys and cowgirls will go home with experience and a desire to ride again the next year but only one saddle bronc rider will leave with a big buckle, a lot of money and a title.

Romance Author Lori Wilde and her love of cowboys + Giveaway!

When I tell people I write about cowboys, the topic of chaps invariable comes up. I was born and raised around cowboys and to tell you the truth, when something is very familiar, you tend not to notice it. To understand the allure of chaps, I did a little research.

Comfort Zones + Giveaway!

Comfort Zones
By Liz Fichera
As an author, you learn quickly that you can’t write a book that everyone will love. When you write characters that are outside your race, gender, cultural background, and your own life experiences, it becomes even more complicated. When the latter happens, readers can become more critical, sometimes even suspicious. I happen to enjoy writing stories with Native American characters. I live in the American Southwest. I’m surrounded by Native American cultures like the Hohokam, Gila, Pima, Navajo, and Hopi, to name just a handful. I’m fascinated by their history, their legends. Frankly, when you look at history, it’s a wonder that these cultures have survived at all and it’s a testament to the strength and spirit of the Native American people that they have. It goes without saying, whenever… Continue