Tricks of the Trade: The Series “Bible”

How do authors keep track of all those tricky plot twists, love triangles, and character names in long-running series? Cora Seton is here to share the tricks of the trade.

Best Westerns: For the Love of Cowboys

We are thrilled to have Kimberly Rocha of the fabulous Book Obsessed Chicks here today to discuss one of her favorite romance genres – Westerns! Every month she stops by to make sure you don’t miss her old and new favs set in the wild, wild, West. Kimberly is one of the most well-read, knowledgeable bloggers in all of romance. You can take her recommendations to heart!
Tina Leonard

Book Review: Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys by Tina Leonard

What do you get when you take one red-hot sexy cowboy and mix in a beautiful horse riding princess? You get an epic explosion!!! Bull trainer Trace Carter gets a visit from Mayor Judy. One that he is not happy about. Seems that Mayor Judy has a trick up her sleeve, and is bringing in three girls to be the Hell’s Belles. They will represent the male overtaken city of Hell, Texas. One slight problem, Judy wants Trace to train the girls to be bull clowns. You know the ones that help get the bull back into the pen after the rider is off the bull. Nope, that will not work for Trace and his brothers in arms. You see Trace and his friends run the Hell’s Outlaws Training Center.

California Dreamin’: My Cowboy Hero

Never mind that I was born and raised on the East Coast: cowboys are my weakness. When I was growing up, if you wanted to see a man who spent his days and nights in the saddle the way I longed to, then you watched western series and movies on TV. I fell in love repeatedly. My first cowboy love was Clint Eastwood in the show Rawhide, a love that was reinforced by the spaghetti westerns he made with director Sergio Leone (For a Fistful of Dollars, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly; For a Few Dollars More). Since I was a kid, my love took an interesting form: I didn’t just want to be the impossibly cool cowboy, I wanted to look like him. For a period I went around… Continue
#HunkDay Cowboy_Feat Image

#HunkDay: Cowboy Edition

Happy #HunkDay, guys & gals! Today we’re wranglin’ up some of the sexiest cowboys around–all for your enjoyment Five hotties wearing hats, boots, and not wearing shirts are below…but if you want to see even more cowboy goodness, follow us today on the Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and the Loveswept Pinterest page. 1. What exactly are those leather straps for? Just wondering, of course…   source: Pinterest 2.Well, howdy to you, too   source: Pinterest 3. Shirtless horseback riding might just be the sexiest thing this girl has ever seen.   source: Pinterest 4. It’s easy to be casual when you look as good as he does. Yum!    source: Pinterest 5. I wonder if belt buckles that big are hard to unbuckle? There’s only one way to find out…
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Cowboys, Baggage, and Motorcycles

As you might guess from the above, I’m a bit eclectic (a term I prefer over ‘eccentric,’ or worse yet, ‘odd.’) My Sweet on a Cowboy series is set in a world I know a lot about – professional bull riding. Which makes little sense for a city girl from Detroit.  But when my Texan husband took me to my first rodeo years ago, I fell in love. I was entranced by the bull riding, which seems to me, a combination of danger and ballet. I’m in awe of the courage of men who try to stay on a ton of attitude that wants to throw them in the dirt and dance on their bones. And then there’s wrangler-clad cowboy butt in chaps – whew.  I mean, seriously, what woman doesn’t love a cowboy? I’ve… Continue

Icing on My Cowboy Cake by Tina Leonard + $25 EGC Giveaway!

A long time ago I dated a bullrider. He was sweet, funny, and handsome. I had a black and white glossy of him on the back of a bull, in full kick, in my high school locker. In fact, I might still have that 8 x 10 in a box somewhere in the attic. To say that he was a dreamboat doesn’t do him justice. So sometimes when I’m envisioning a hero for one of my cowboy romances, never mind the iconic actors who star in western movies, in my mind’s eye I see that hunk on a bull and remember his heroic qualities. Here where I live here in central Texas, there’s more inspiration as well. From time to time I see living, breathing cowboys who contribute to my arsenal of inspiration. I was… Continue

Secondary Characters Gone Rogue by Maggie McGinnis

Before I started writing seriously, I used to listen to authors talk about how their characters would take over their books. I was mystified. You’re the author, I’d think. How in the world did you not know what this character was going to do? She’s a figment of your imagination! You created her! You OWN her, for goodness sake! Ha.

WInner Announced! #ReleaseDay for Accidental Cowgirl + $15 EGC giveaway!

So Accidental Cowgirl comes out today, and this is all kinds of awesome. It’s awesome for me because maybe now I can stop chomping my fingernails in anticipation. It’s awesome for you because you finally get to meet Decker, and this is a Very Good Thing. Because Decker is, well, perfect is a strong word, but we’ll go with it because, well, he just is. And I’m not just saying that because I created him from scratch, I swear. He’s oh-so-hot in those jeans and that Stetson. He walks with confidence, rides with just enough swagger, loves with just enough … well … you’ll have to read to find that out. His eyes can turn a city girl into mush, and his hands?

But All My Friends Are Doing It!! by Maggie McGinnis

In the world of romance writing, there was one place to be last week: Atlanta, where the entire romance publishing industry gathered for our national conference. So I was there, right?
Despite conniving and bribery and more than a little pouting, I was unable to convince my dear husband that Nationals was more important than our children having, well, food and water and supervision for the week.

Researching Romance on a Ranch: Laura Moore Turns Cowgirl

I’m so pleased to be here with you to celebrate the release of Once Tempted, the first book in my new Silver Creek series! Thanks to the wonderful art department at Ballantine, Once Tempted has a cover you could stare at for hours on end. It shows my hero, Ward Knowles, a modern day cowboy-businessman. Ward isn’t just tall, dark, and handsome. He can sit a cutting horse as easily as he can put together a business plan for Silver Creek Ranch.

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This week we’re giving away 10 copies of RUNNING WILD by Linda Howard and Linda Jones, the first book in a brand new western contemporary romance series. Winners will be emailed this Friday, so enter to win below! As always, you can head over to Romance at Random’s Giveaway Tab, for any giveaway details you might need, and we’ll remind you every day during this week to enter via Facebook and on Twitter. Follow us now so you won’t miss out!

Cowboys and romance, what a pleasant combination!

Cowboys need love too – and C H Admirand is a pro at writing about Western love – enjoy! Thanks so much for inviting me to guest blog today, Sue! It’s so exciting to be back at R@R, chatting with everyone. There are bits and pieces of my life that I like to include in all of my stories: my Irish heritage—by using family names in all of my books; my love of family—writing trilogies that usually include sisters, brothers or cousins; my love of baking—I try to have my heroes or heroines cooking or baking something at one point or another in my books; my love of gardening –I like to have my heroines or heroes playing in the dirt; and with the release of my 12th book—sharing a piece of me that goes… Continue