The Romantic Thriller Series: Pros and Cons By Allison Brennan and Giveaway!

I’ve always read mysteries, and one thing I noticed about my reading habits was that I gravitated to mysteries where there was a continuing love story—starting with Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson. When Nora Roberts JD Robb series gave us Eve Dallas and Roarke, I was in heaven … I love the suspense, and I love the continuing relationship between these two strong characters. The conflict between them is believable, but we also see how their love and support endures over time, becoming stronger. I love NCIS, and enjoy the chemistry between Tony and Ziva even though their relationship isn’t a primary storyline. I’m dying to find out what’s going to happen with Nick and Juliette on GRIMM now that she can’t remember him and is obsessed with the Captain. In the meantime, I… Continue

In the Name of Research – Guest Post by Kylie Brant

IN THE NAME OF RESEARCH, heh,that’s what they say Enjoy Kylie’s post & check out her book DEADLY SINS, available now. It’s no secret that writers will go to great lengths to gain research for our novels. I once spent a day hiking through the Willamette Forest in Oregon, crawling through caves with momentary amnesia regarding my aversion to bats. I had powerful motivation: I was looking for the perfect cave for my character to dispose of seven sets of skeletal remains. Fortunately the bats stayed hidden for the day and I did discover the perfect spot. I also had an epiphany of sorts–when I walked through the dappled woods and saw a cave with a keyhole in the ceiling the entire final scene of my novel unfurled before me. It was like a… Continue