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This week we’re giving away 10 copies of Winners by Danielle Steel, her new novel that introduces readers to an unforgettable cast of characters striving to overcome tragedy and discover the inner resources and resilience to win at life—once again! As always, you can head over to Romance at Random’s Giveaway Tab, for any giveaway details you might need, and we’ll remind you every day during this week to enter via Facebook and on Twitter. Follow us now so you won’t miss out!

New Release: The Sins of the Mother by Danielle Steel

On Sale Now! About the book: Synopsis
Every woman makes choices. And no one has made more difficult choices than Olivia Grayson. The enormously successful businesswoman missed out on much of her children’s lives while she built her legendary home-furnishings empire. In Danielle Steel’s character-rich new novel, Olivia faces the past, tries to balance the present, and makes amends where due, while still running her vastly successful business.

New Release: Hotel Vendome by Danille Steel

On Sale Now! About the book:
America’s #1 bestseller • First time in paperback! There are some places you visit, and some places you never leave behind. Danielle Steel’s new novel follows a devoted father and the daughter he raises in the fascinating upstairs-downstairs world of a glamorous Manhattan hotel.

Book Release – Friends Forever by Danielle Steel, for BFF’s everywhere.

Another sure to be Best Seller by author Danielle Steel that will touch every heart. Five children meet on the first day of kindergarten. In the years that follow, they become friends and more than friends. Together, they will find strength, meet challenges, face life’s adventures, endure loss, face stark realities, and open their hearts. In this moving novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel traces their unforgettable journey—full of tests and trials—as three boys and two girls discover the vital bonds that will last a lifetime. FRIENDS FOREVER

Romance Friends, do you have a BFF character? + Giveaway!

I used to have this friend, definitely a BFF, that we would share everything — stories about work, religion, life, families, love – you name it we talked about it, however, books were always first and foremost on our speaking agendas. Time goes by, I changed jobs, she did too and I’ve never really found that one friend that would totally replace her. But, I’m still looking. I really enjoy the stories that have that same kind of connection – where the story line includes friends that are BFF’s — I just love reading about those friendships as I think BFF’s are really special, you have maybe one in your life and hopefully your friendship lasts forever, or until you screw up and really offend one another to the point of no return So today’s… Continue

Happy Birthday! By Danielle Steel

On sale now – buy here In this beguiling new novel, Danielle Steel tells the story of three very different people, each of whom, on the same day, reaches a crucial turning point in life—a rite both bittersweet and full of hope, a time to blow out the candles, say goodbye to the past, and make a wish for the future. Valerie Wyatt is the queen of gracious living and the arbiter of taste. Since her long-ago divorce, she’s worked hard to reach the pinnacle of her profession and to create a camera-ready life in her Fifth Avenue penthouse. So why is she so depressed? All the hours with her personal trainer, the careful work of New York’s best hairdressers, cosmetic surgeons, and her own God-given bone structure and great looks can’t fudge the truth… Continue