Who’s Your Favorite Disney Hero or Heroine?

I watched Frozen for the first time this week. I’m not much of a movie watcher because I work and I write and I have three kids, two dogs and one husband. Well, you get the point. Movies are way down the list on my to-do list. But my daughter (who will be exiting her teenage years in a few months) was so excited that Frozen was finally out in video that she insisted we watch it. And I have to say I was as hooked as everyone else. Disney did it again with this wonderful movie of two sisters. In fact, I’m watching it for the second time this week as I write this. Disney has a way of creating a movie that draws all age groups in from adults all the way down … Continued

#Stiletto – Date-Night-In vs Date-Night-Boring

Julie: It’s no secret in the Stiletto world that I’ve always known my way around the first date. And the second date . . . and well, actually, that’s pretty much it, because my dating history has been a little, how should we say this . . . Riley: Trampy? Grace: Prolific? Julie: I was going to say diverse. I had diverse dating habits. I was all about getting gussied up in my newest, cutest top, and putting on my highest, most impractical shoes . . . Riley: Your skankiest bra and panties set. Julie: No, that’s you. Riley: Oh, that’s right . . . Julie: Anyway, I used to be all about the night-out-on-the-town scene until I met—