SOUL SCORCHED (Dark Kings #6) by Donna Grant

When a book begins with a sexy dragon checking his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I am immediately hooked. Not only is Warrick a dragon, he is a Scottish Dragon. I have hit the trifecta of everything I look for in my journey through the plethora of adorable man personalities. Donna Grant not only brings to us Warrick, but a continuation of the soap opera of Dreagan, the hidden land that houses the Dragon Kings.

Books to Buy: New Releases December 29

It’s the final new releases of 2014, and the year is going out with a bang. This week we have the latest in Kyra Davis’s Pure Sin series, more Dark Kings from Donna Grant, the sequel to the quirky bestseller The Rosie Project, and more.
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Of Monsters and Men

When I ended the Dark Warrior series after 14.5 books that included six books in the Dark Sword series, I still wasn’t ready to let go of the world I created. Luckily, my publisher asked me to spin off the DW series and the Dragon Kings were born! I wanted to call the series Dragon Kings, because, well, that’s what they are, but because it’s a spin off series, they wanted to stay with the “Dark” theme, which is where the Dark Kings series name came from. If you’ve read any of the Dark Sword or Dark Warrior books, you know I love Scotland. There’s just something about a guy in a kilt with that brogue that does it to me every time. J Few can resist a hot man in a kilt! I love… Continue

Guest Post: Donna Grant gives the 411 on her immortal Highlanders + Giveaway!

Thank you to Sue for hosting me today in celebration of my newest book – MIDNIGHT’S KISS. For those unfamiliar with my Dark Warriors series, let me tell you a bit about it.
The Warriors are a group of Highlanders who are the greatest warriors of their family. By being so, they carry within their blood primeval gods that once unbound, not only make them immortal, but give the Highlanders enhanced abilities and special powers. They also transform by way of claws and fangs, but also each god has a color, so the Highlanders turn the color of their god when that god is released. IOW, when those Warriors are ready for battle.