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Lady Jane’s Salon Author Roundtable

From tipplers to teetotalers,“recovering lawyer” to actor/musician/playwright, and those who got their first romance “fix” a la Barbara Cartland and Phyllis Whitney versus Jane Austen and Emily Brontë, this month’s four Lady Jane’s Salon® guests represent a delightfully eclectic mix of tastes, backgrounds, and sources of inspiration as varied as the romance genre itself. If you’re in New York City or thereabouts, join us tonight, Monday, November 3rd at 7pm for readings by Mary B. Rodgers, Eileen Palma, Magdalen Braden and Cara Connelly. For now sit back, sip your favorite fall beverage, and savor what these four fascinating writers have to say to my Same Five Questions.   HT: At what age did you read your first romance novel? Was stealth required e.g., flashlight under the covers or did Continue


I’m probably the only woman in America who skimmed past the sex scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey.  It’s not that I’m a prude.  I don’t hide under a pillow when Hannah walks around naked on Girls, or fast forward Sooki having sex with Bill, Eric, or that creepy Warlow on True Blood.  Watching a sex scene on TV doesn’t seem as voyeuristic as reading one when the bedroom door stays open in a novel. After one round of submissions for Worth the Weight with no luck, my agent told me I should spice up my G rated rom-com since Fifty Shades of Grey had amped up the heat in the romance industry. “No whips and chains.”  I said.  “Or bondage.  I’m definitely not adding bondage.” My agent laughed and told me… Continue