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Reality Romance: ERIC & JESSIE, GAME ON Episode Five

Sydney is heartbroken. Apparently, things are cooling off with her new boyfriend, Zach. She bursts into tears and Jessie consoles her. Sydney says that he’s just sending her “token” text messages and she’d rather he just not text her at all. “He’s not the one,” Jessie tells her. “It just hurts,” says Sydney. Jessie says that even though she’s young, she knows what she wants. “You want to get married young, you want to have babies young, kind of like Momma did. And bake pies and take care of your family. That’s what’s important to you.” Jessie tells her that she has so much to offer and she can do better than Zach.  She tells the camera, “She’s twenty-two years old. She puts a lot of pressure on herself.” (It can’t be easy to live… Continue