Reality Romance: Eric and Jessie, Episode Three Recap

It’s Super Bowl week, and Jessie is primping and prepping for her man’s big day. Jessie, her mom, and Sydney are getting manicures (in blue and orange, Denver Broncos colors). Jessie is also getting Eric’s number, 87, painted on her nails, and asks her mom “Do you want number 18 — for your hall pass?” Jessie says she knows “Peyton [Manning] is your hall pass.” Her mom, Karen, says “That’s secret information.” Jessie: You said you like the way he takes charge on the field. Karen: I’m feeling very hot right now. Jessie: My hall pass is Ryan Gosling. Next, it’s on to New York, where Eric’s team will be playing against the Seattle Seahawks (in New Jersey). Jessie is anxious to see Eric. They’ve been apart for two weeks, which is the longest they’ve … Continued

Reality Romance: ERIC & JESSIE, GAME ON Season Two Premiere

If, like me, you missed the first season of this gorgeous couple, here’s some background: Game On follows the marriage and careers of country singer Jessie James and NFL player Eric Decker. They’ve told the media they want to do a show about a “functional” married couple. At the time this episode filmed, Eric played for the Denver Broncos (he’s since become a starting wide receiver for the New York Jets) and they were about a month and a half away from the birth of their daughter. On March 18, Vivianne Rose Decker was born. But back to the episode: Eric is in the middle of NFL playoffs, and Jessie is recording a new album. She’s also hugely pregnant. He says the baby is his number one priority. She’s helping him stretch out. Jessie is … Continued