Beanie Babies, Black Dresses, and Grandma Bella + $15 GC Giveaway

Woohoo! My book comes out today! I’m Juliet Rosetti, author of The Escape Diaries, whose heroine is Mazie Maguire, escaped felon and bustier-wearing crime solver. Some reviewers have compared Diaries to the books of Janet Evanovich, one of my favorite writers. I should be so lucky as to have a smidgen of Janet’s talent. She has an amazing ability to generate laugh-out-loud moments and to create characters so vivid they virtually leap off the page. I’m so-o-o envious!
Sue Grimshaw, Random’s fabulous Genius-at-Large, suggested the idea of interviewing both kick-ass heroines, Mazie and Stephanie. So hang onto your big Jersey hair, because you never know what secrets these two may let slip–and it might not be coincidence that both ladies are holding handcuffs.