Is Bedroom Clutter Hurting Your Marriage?

Improve your relationship and heat up your love life with these feng shui tips You tackled the garage and organized your closet as part of your spring-cleaning regimen, but did you know that the clutter under your bed (and on your side table and in your bookcases) could be the reason there’s not much excitement happening in your bed? Luckily, The Feng Shui Guy, Ariel Joseph Towne, author of Serene Makeover Inner Edition shared his expertise on how to use the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui (pronounced FUNG schway) organization and laws in your bedroom to improve your relationship, heat up your sex life, and create a soothing haven for rest. “What’s going on in your space is a metaphor for what’s going on in your life,” says Towne. “Clutter represents obstacles to… Continue