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Want the inside scoop on what goes into publishing a successful eBook? Join us to learn that and more at our July 23 BEA luncheon. The afternoon will feature a panel of Loveswept/Flirt’s lead team members, a Q&A with bestselling Random House authors J. Kenner, Tracy Wolff, and Claire Kent, and a meet-and-greet with top industry professionals...

Halloween Photos of Your Favorite Authors!

  Happy Halloween! Who can’t resist such a fun holiday where you can dress up and go out for a night of revelry? We asked our Loveswept, Flirt, and Ballantine Bantam Dell authors to send in past Halloween photos along with their favorite paranormal romance/Halloween-esque book! Your favorites authors, including Virna DePaul, Jude Deveraux, Molly O’Keefe, Mira Lynn Kelly, and Jamie Schmidt, among many others contributed—you’ll have a blast looking through their ingenious costumes!   Happy Halloween!   Ashlyn Macnamara Ashlyn Macnamara (author of WHAT A LADY CRAVES)
Q: Tell us about this photo. A: This is a Halloween party in 1985. My husband and I were at university and newly dating. I think I was a starlet–those are Madonna-style sunglasses on my head! I made the bodice entirely by hand, as I had… Continue

The Perils of Camping – Pass the Corndogs Please

Here’s the deal. I hate corndogs. This is nothing against the creator of corndogs or any of his / her descendents, but I do hate them. I also hate the idea of camping, which leads me to my recent corndog consuming exploit. My daughter’s fifth grade class had a camping trip to Camp Mosquito Up Your Nose (name changed to reflect actual incident). I had never been camping before. I survived growing up in the ghetto so the idea of purposely entering the treacherous wilderness, to sleep on the ground, fighting off bugs and potentially rabid wild animals, never appealed to me. “Why suffer unnecessarily?” was always my motto. But my daughter just loved the idea of me chaperoning, and I loved the idea of her being happy. So I signed up for Camp MUYN.
Lauren Layne

Teaser and Cover Reveal – BROKEN by Lauren Layne

If you have ever, EVER wondered what my perfect preference of storyline would be . . . here it is:
A girl with secrets —- a guy with scars — and a love that could save or destroy them both. One word: Intense. And, a fabulous cover at that!! Happy Romance! ** Teaser Reveal!** Olivia squirms. “Why are you looking at me like that?” “I’ve never known a female to acquiesce that easily without a catch. How about you hit me with it now and get it over with?” Olivia shrugs. “Fine. I was going to say that I won’t run alone, if you promise to go with me.” “No,” I say, almost before she’s finished her sentence. “Why not?” I rap my cane once against the ground. “Well, for starters, despite the fact that… Continue

Character Creation in a Nutshell

Making up people is probably my favorite part of writing fiction. And when I say making up people, I don’t mean names and physical traits. I actually loathe those parts and will literally get stuck while writing a proposal for a new project because I don’t have a name for my MC. Then I’ll run out to Chipotle for some comfort food, look at the name tag of the first burrito engineer I see: Jim. That works for me. But Jim what? Jim Chicken? Jim Guacamole? Jim Steak? Jim Stakeman. Done. And physical traits. If there’s nothing in the plot that might require a certain look or feature, then the creation process will go something like this: okay, I did red hair last time and blonde before that, so let’s go with brown. Done. The… Continue

November Releases for Loveswept, flirt

Here’s what’s on sale this month from Loveswept and Flirt Romance.
One Perfect Christmas by Stefanie Sloane (11/4/2013)
In an enchanting eBook novella, cherished Regency romance author Stefanie Sloane presents an irresistible tale of fiery passion that burns deep on a cold winter’s night. Although he’s never been prone to regret, the Honorable Lucas Cavanaugh cannot help but wish for a fresh start with Jane Merriweather. After being jilted by her fiancé, Jane turns to her dear childhood friend, Lucas, for support—and unlocks the hidden emotion and smoldering desire simmering in the man’s troubled heart. Frightened by his newfound feelings, Lucas flees to Scotland. But when the Christmas season brings them together again, one look at Jane is all that’s needed to reignite his yearning for the woman. Now Lucas must convince Jane that his… Continue

Flirt University – Journalism 101: New Adult Style with Lauren Layne

  Today’s Flirt University lecture — Journalism 101: New Adult Style with Lauren Layne — will be hosted by the lovely Kindle Gal over at Kindles & Wine! Here’s a teaser, but make sure you visit Kindles & Wine for the full lesson plus giveaway!   Welcome to Journalism 101: New Adult Style by Lauren Layne   Ever read or heard a news story that completely captures your interest, even though you’re not sure why?

Guest Post: The Reality of Leaving Home by Cassie Mae #Flirt

The first year out on your own sort of kicks you in the butt. I think the best way for me to show this, is by sharing a letter from a freshman friend to another, a few months after moving away. BriAnne! I swear, if I have to eat another box of Suddenly Salad, I’m going to grow into a noodle. Why can’t steak cost sixty-eight cents? I’d call home and beg for money, but I did that yesterday. Used it to buy milk and Tylenol. Because that’s healthy, ha! I actually need the pain killers because these classes are killing me. Also… I’m not sure if my math professor even knows my name. He keeps calling me Kelly. “Good work on your last test, Kelly.” “Make sure the quadratic is correct here, Kelly.” “You’re Continue

Flirt’s “Back to School” New Adult Blog Hop and #Giveaway

Welcome to Flirt University’s Back to School celebration! It’s time for the Three R’s, Flirt style—Reading, (W)Riting, and Romancing! In the spirit of getting to know one another on the first day of school, Flirt, Random House’s New Adult imprint, has set up a New Adult blog hop so you can discover other blogs that love the hottest new romance genre.
As part of the hop, Flirt is giving away its signature “I <3 New Adult” tote (for carrying books, ereaders, and other fun things), and its signature “I <3 New Adult” mug (perfect for that morning coffee pick-me-up)! Just check out the Rafflecopter link below!

NEW ADULT draws a crowd in Atlanta!! by Lori Adams #Flirt

So I have survived my first RWA conference *whew* where I was overwhelmed by the positive energy that permeated throughout the workshops and luncheons. A more wonderful group of writers, editors, agents, and book reviewers I swear you could not find. It was so inspiring to chat with happy people who love what they do for a living. But the most inspiring surprise was walking into a packed room for the NEW ADULT Workshop! Yes people, the room was packed! As in standing room only! I hadn’t known what to expect . . . would there be a curious few trickling in? A couple of inquiring minds peering around the door to see what this NA phenomenon was all about? Perhaps this has answered the question floating around, “Is New Adult the Next Big Thing?”Continue

#CoverReveal – Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae

Rising star Cassie Mae introduces New Adult readers to a practical soon-to-be college freshman who seems to have everything—until a special guy shows her what she’s been missing. Cookie-cutter Christian good girl, Kelli Pinkins meets arrogant frat boy, Chase Moroney. When the sparring relationship turns into something more, Kelli wonders what exactly she’ll have to give up, and who she’s willing to give it up for. This New Adult Romantic Comedy offers readers an impassioned story with humorous banter and emotional turmoil. Readers who enjoyed the comedy in Perfect Pitch; the emotion in Cora Cormack‘s LOSING IT; and the fun banter in 10 Things I Hate About You will love Cassie’s flirt debut, FRIDAY NIGHT ALIBI!
Quotes from Friday Night Alibi – love these: He pulls back, but not enough. His breath… Continue

Cassie Mae talks #NewAdult + learn about her upcoming flirt romance!

I think it’s Twitter that has that little “What’s trending?” thing on the side. (Can you tell I’m more of a Facebooker). Well, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that lately in the book world, if you were to see a “What’s trending?” you’d see #NewAdult. There are thousands of reasons people are picking up these college age stories, but I’ll just name a few why I think the genre has exploded. These are books for the person who just graduated high school and still has no idea what to do with their life.