For His Eyes Only

A Change Towards Sexier Storytelling

When my first book, An Image of You, was accepted by Harlequin Mills and Boon in 1991, it had plenty of sizzle but the sex was pretty much left to the reader’s imagination. Back then in the U.K., all the books, sexy or sweet, were published under the same cover (readers bought by author, cover and blurb). In the U.S., however, my books were slotted into the “Romance” series, and although I did frequently flirt with very edge of the guidelines (and my books were often published in the sexier lines in other countries) the sex had to stay in the imagination. In its original conception, the new Kiss series — with it’s fresh, flirty, international editorial — was to have revisited that early, and very successful, British model of mixing sexy and sweet.… Continue