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I have long suspected that gay romance writers can get away with a lot more than, let’s say, more traditional romance writers because there’s already that “two dudes” or “two ladies” hurdle to clear for the audience. For example, when was the last time you saw a prostitute heroine (or hero, for that matter) in a heterosexual romance novel? Yet rent boys are all over gay romance. Raising the Rent is kind of a take on Pretty Woman. (Or Pygmalion, if you like.) Our hooker with a heart of gold is Nathan, who sells his body at night to help pay for college. (College in the British sense, I should clarify; he’s trying to finish his A-levels because he plans to go to university to study library science.) He has a regular client,… Continue

Five Questions for Tere Michaels

Superhero fans, get excited! Tere Michaels, author of FAITH AND FIDELITY, a gay romance classic, has a new series coming out starting this October. It’s really different from what she’s done before, but still very Tere, so I know I’m excited. She and I are friends, so I asked her some nosy questions about the series and the other projects she has on tap.   Let’s start with the Vigilante series. The first book, Who Knows the Storm is out in October and the cover is amazing and I want it. When you first told me about the book, you billed it as “Batman gets a boyfriend.” Is that still basically the premise? I am so excited about this project! Yes – Batman gets a boyfriend is a good way to put it. It’s also… Continue


I wasn’t sure about this book when it was offered for review. I’ve read a few of Ms. Myles’s other books—I also met her at RT this year and she is British and delightful—so I had a sense for what I was in for and trusted her to take me on a good ride, even if BDSM is not really my thing. What I did not expect, though, was for this book to make me cry. I mean that in the best way; there’s a scene toward the end when the characters confess how they feel for each other, and I was sitting on my bed sobbing like a baby because it just got to me and I wanted so bad for things to work out for these characters. But I am getting ahead of… Continue

Why I Write Gay Romance

There is no one perfect answer to why I write gay romance novels. Strangely enough, I began writing Regency romance. I loved the glamour of the ballgowns and the whole English aristocracy. After all, who doesn’t like a Duke in a pair of tight buckskins? But last year I read my first male/male romance. I picked up a book by Abigail Roux called Cut and Run. It looked interesting and was a series, which I loved. I began reading it. And when I next looked up it was three hours later and I couldn’t believe how enthralled I was with the story. I bought the entire backlist and more. I went searching for more authors and read Mary Calmes A Matter of Time series and Amy Lane’s Promise Rock. I was hooked. Since I… Continue

For the Love of Ladies

A brief note of introduction: I had the great fortune of sitting on an erotic romance panel with award-winning author Kate McMurray last month. She had valuable insights into the current state of gay romances, and I asked her to share some of that with us here. One issue that was discussed was while there is a mainstream embracing of m/m romance, there hasn’t been a huge breakout yet for authors of f/f stories. Kate has some suggestions to help get that ball rolling. — Logan Belle I am a fan of all manner of romance, and that includes books in all sorts of niches. Lesbian romance—or f/f, for female/female—hasn’t caught on the same way that gay male (m/m) romance has, but I think its time is coming. I predict that we’ll see a fantastic… Continue
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Adventures in Glitterland: Talking With Alexis Hall

“When you strip everything away, it doesn’t matter if she’s a film star, or if you’re both boys or both girls, all there is is love, and the fundamental human need to seek it out and give it.” – Alexis Hall The novel Glitterland by U.K. novelist Alexis Hall is sexy, funny, and deeply romantic. Think Four Weddings and a Funeral with more sex and a gay romance. I loved this book so much I tracked down the brilliant author, all the way across the pond, and asked him to stop by R@R for a few questions. LB: You are a complete mystery to me but I freakin’ loved your book. So here we go from your new fan girl: How did you come to write Glitterland? A.H: I wrote Glitterland in October of… Continue