New Trailer: GIRLS Season 4

I’ll admit this is the show I’m looking most forward to in 2015 – GIRLS! With less than two months to go before the season premiere, we have a new trailer.

Girls, Season Three Finale

The uneven third season of Girls concluded last night with cliffhangers, some earned and some not. We start out with Hannah getting her mail, and who should wander into the hallway but Adam’s crazy sister Caroline. Hannah asks, where are your shoes? She says why do I need shoes? I’m in my hallway. Laird opens his door and is like sweetie, “do you know where the iced tea is?” So there’s that. Oh, and she’s pregnant. Upstairs in her apartment Hannah opens her mail and finds a letter that makes her makes her jump for joy. She goes to Marnie’s apartment, and Marnie immediately starts in that she knows she has to tell Shoshana what happened with Ray, and she knows she needs to have more respect for other people’s emotional property, and yes, she… Continue

Girls, Episode Eleven Recap

Adam and Hannah are having sex. (This is surprising because it seemed like he was breaking up with her at the end of the last episode.) When they are finished, he pulls off his condom and starts getting dressed. (Okay, now it makes sense.) Hannah: Wait, so you’re just going to leave? Adam: Come on, kid, we’ve talked about this. She says no, he talked about it and she listened. He says he has to go to Ray’s so he is sure to do his vocal exercises. If he stays with her they’re just going to sleep, wake up, and have sex again (though he worded it a bit more, um, bluntly.) She says she knows, and she’s so proud of him for how hard he’s working, so just go do your thing. He assures… Continue

Girls, Episode Ten Recap

Finally, GIRLS back to its best: laugh-out-loud humor and a deep pathos that lingers long after the closing credits. Hannah is out pounding shots with her work friends and she gets so drunk she barely makes it outside the bar before she pukes. Joe brings her back to his place and takes care of her all night. The next day, Marnie shows up at Soojin’s new gallery space to discuss a job. “What I really need is an assistant who’s more qualified than I am.” “Assistant?” Marnie squeeks. Soojin tells her yes, it’s a really small staff and her “best homo friend” is already gallery director. Marnie takes the job. Before leaving, she asks Soojin, “How old are you?” She’s twenty-four,” but for the cred and intrigue of the gallery I’m going to say twenty-two.”… Continue

Girls, Episode Nine Recap

Hannah is walking down the street eating salad out of a plastic container when she gets a call from her mother that her grandmother is dying. She has to go home. Adam can’t go with her because it’s the first week of rehearsals for the show. She’s like, yeah, I totally get it. But it’s clear she doesn’t feel great about it. He says he misses her when she’s gone even for one night. “Yeah, but you’re going to have fun with all your new theater friends.” He wrestles with her and defuses the tension. Hannah is at the hospital. Her grandmother tells her she has two rods in her leg because of her femur and says, “Can you believe that?” “No,” says Hannah. “You do not look like the two rod type.” Her grandmother… Continue

Girls, Episode Eight Recap

Hannah is in the window seat of a cute at a cafe waiting to interview Patti LuPone for a GQ advertorial. She’s extremely excited about this, and tells the waitress that when Patti LuPone arrives, to let her know where Hannah is sitting. The waitress clearly doesn’t know who Patti LuPone is. Hannah can’t believe it. She’s like, you know:  “Don’t cry for me Argentina…” Her phone rings, and it’s Adam. She tells him she’s at her Patti LuPone interview, and he says he’s at his call back. “Oh my God are you excited?”  He says that everyone there looks “how I’d look like with a nose job.” A guy named Desi at the call back tells him the casting director won’t like him being on the phone. Adam thanks him for the… Continue

Girls, Episode Seven Recap

“I thought this would be a nice opportunity for us to have fun together and prove via Instagram that we can still have fun as a group. ” – Marnie Marnie has a perfect getaway weekend planned for the girls. It’s going to be a time to vent and bond. But thanks to Hannah, things don’t go as planned. We open with Marnie setting name cards and flowers in the bedrooms of a beach house worthy of a Nancy Meyers’ film. It’s Marnie’s mother’s friend’s house, as we learn when Hannah, Shoshana, and Jessa arrive via bus from the city. Shosh says she can’t believe they’re in the Hamptons, and Marnie corrects her that it’s not the Hamptons, it’s the North Fork, for people who “think the Hamptons are tacky and don’t want to be… Continue

Girls, Episode 6 Recap

This week, we see that Hannah thinks she’s too special to have to endure a day job, and that Ray and Shosh just might be made for each other. Hannah tells Ray she’s quitting the coffee shop. “I’m so sorry you won’t be gracing us with your presence anymore. And I’ll see you in about a week when you quit whatever bs gig you’re leaving for and come back begging for your old job back.” Hannah: I’m sure it must hurt to see some leave ‘all this,’ but it’s really not a b.s. job. She tells him she has a gig at GQ magazine. He asks her if they need someone for a before picture in a makeover article. She tells him no, it’s a writing job. They saw one of her pieces online and… Continue

Girls, Episode Five Recap

Hannah and Adam are at her editor’s funeral. She is excited to spot Zadie Smith. And then she meets David’s wife. Yes, his wife. A great cameo by Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein, Friends with Kids.) At the reception, Adam wants to leave but Hannah declares she is not until she’s “locked eyes with [New York Times book critic] Michiko Kakutani.” She again says hello to David’s wife, and can’t conceal her shock that he was married. To a woman. David’s wife: “You thought he was gay.”” Hannah: No! David’s wife: It’s okay Hannah: No, I thought he was straight. I thought he wanted to sleep with me. David’s wife: A lot of people think he was gay. And…he was. Sometimes. David’s wife lets it slip that that the publisher has dropped all of… Continue

Girls, Episode Four Recap

“True or false? When @JuddApatow and I were writing tonight’s @girlsHBO we both cried.” — Lena Dunham on Twitter I’m guessing “false” to the above.  Unless she realized how the ending would come across to viewers. Hannah scurries into her publisher’s office for a meeting with her editor, David (whom we last saw at Hannah’s birthday party, throwing Ray into a table). The receptionist tells her he’s not in yet. “Oh good I thought I was late.”  “You are. He’s just not in yet.” Hannah takes a seat to wait. There is a flurry of activity. Something is going on. Hannah: “Excuse me — I jut wanted to know if it’s safe to be on this floor of the building.” Another employee walks in and the receptionist tells her,  “David is dead.” Cut to Marnie Continue

Girls, Episode Three Recap

This episode is titled “She Said Okay.” It should be called “Birthday from Hell.” Let’s begin: Hannah is trimming Adam’s hair when he gets a phone call. “What?” he answers, irritated. “Where are you? Are you serious?” He gives out their address. Hannah: “Who did you just give our address to?” Adam:“My sister.” Cut to: Adam’s distraught sister Caroline (played by Gabby Hoffman (remember when she was the cute little girl in Sleepless in Seattle?) is at their kitchen table, lamenting her latest break-up. Hannah is nodding sympathetically. Adam — not so much. Especially when his sister suggests she needs to stay with them until she gets back on her feet. I believe the phrase he uses is, “F*ck no.”   In the kitchen. Hannah says she doesn’t get why he’s being so… Continue

Girls, Episode Two Recap

I’m not really feeling this episode, but here it goes: Hannah is trying to wake up Adam, who is not too thrilled to be going on the road trip upstate to get Jessa from rehab. Apparently, he has to drive because he’s the only one of legal age to rent a car. Cut to Adam driving, stone-faced, while Hannah and Shosh sing along to Maroon 5, which he then angrily turns off by punching the radio. Hannah complains about the lost writing time, and hopes Jessa appreciates the favor they are doing for her. Adam says they aren’t doing her any favors by taking her out of rehab. Hannah tells him that he doesn’t understand the nature of female friendship. He replies, “You’re right — and I don’t want to if it involves ignoring all… Continue

Girls, Season Premiere

Episode one: “Females Only” Don’t judge us. With a vicious verbal take-down, a shocking but hilarious girl-on-girl sex act, and a wrap-up of loose ends from the end of last season, episode one did not disappoint. We open with Hannah in bed with Adam, a strong juxtaposition from the way last season opened – Hannah in bed platonically with Elijah, her former boyfriend turned gay roommate. Marnie is sleeping on her mother’s couch, Shosh is in bed with some random guy, and Jessa’s in rehab scraping dishes in the industrial kitchen. Adam and Hannah are clearly in a good place. They are living together, he is helping her take her meds. A happy couple. When he loses his keys, he shows up at the coffee shop where Hannah is working. Bad timing: Natalia, the woman… Continue

Top Ten Moments of Girls, Season One

In giddy anticipation of Girls season three premiere tomorrow night, my top ten moments of the first season. 1. When Adam and Hannah are having sex in the opening scene of episode two and he launches into spontaneous kinky role playing (okay, any sex scene with Adam makes the list.) 2. Shosh admits to Marnie she’s a virgin, and Marnie replies, “I really don’t know what to say. I hit a puppy once with my car.” 3.  Smarmy artist Booth Jonathan rocks Marnie’s world by saying, “I want you to know that the first time I [have sex with you] you I might scare you a little. Because I’m a man and a know how to do things.” 4. Hannah and Marnie dancing to the song “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn. 5. Charlie and Ray onstage performing… Continue