Cover Reveal: GIVE THE LADY WHAT SHE WANTS by Renee Rosen

I loved Renee Rosen’s 1920s novel Dollface, so I’m excited to share this preview and cover reveal for her new novel coming this November: In late 19th century Chicago, visionary retail tycoon Marshall Field made his fortune wooing women customers with his famous motto: “Give the lady what she wants.”  His legendary charm also won the heart of socialite Delia Spencerand led to an infamous love affair. The night of the Great Fire, as seventeen-year-old Delia watched the flames rise and consume what had been the pioneer town of Chicago, she couldn’t imagine how much her life, her city, and her whole world was about to change. Nor would she have guessed that the agent of that change would not simply be the fire, but more so the man she met that night. Leading the… Continue