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Elizabeth Maxwell on HAPPILY EVER AFTER

Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Maxwell is a rare find: A book that not only has a fabulous premise, but also lives up to it every step of the way. Here’s the gist: an erotic novelist meets the fictional hero of her most recent book in real life, and must decide whether she wants to get him back between the pages—or between her sheets. At forty-six, Sadie Fuller’s life isn’t exactly romantic. A divorced, overweight, somewhat sexually frustrated mother of an eleven-year-old, she lives in the suburbs, shops the big box stores, makes small talk with her small-minded neighbors, and generally leads a quiet life. But while her daughter is at school, or when Sadie is up late at night, she writes erotic fiction under the name KT Briggs. Then, during a routine shopping trip, Continue

Romance Readers, why do you crave HEA? + Giveaway!

Come on romance readers, we know you do, crave that ‘Happily Ever After’ — the stories you read, are the most enjoyable when they end with a HEA. Romance Writers of America define HEA – ‘Two basic elements comprise every romance novel: a central love story and an emotionally-satisfying and optimistic ending.’ That works, most of the time, but I’m still one of those that has to have it all tied up in a bow – have the engagement, wedding, the whole nine yards, &/or know that it will happen somewhere on down the line. RWA goes a bit further with defining HEA saying, ‘In a romance, the lovers who risk and struggle for each other and their relationship are rewarded with emotional justice and unconditional love.’ Easy post today – just one simple question… Continue