Searching for the Ultimate Hero

Ladies and gents, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it: Kensington is calling on readers to help them in a quest to find the one, the ultimate example of modern, male sex appeal…
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What Makes an Irresistible Leading Man

They say you form your personality, likes and dislikes, and the rules you live by early in life. I think that’s true—even for what appeals when it comes to heroes.
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Not Your Mother’s Lumberjack

There are certain iconic images that just stick with us. They become the norm, the traditional, the standard and everything that comes later is the ‘new.” If someone says the word lumberjack, what comes to mind? Most people think gruff manly men with beards, suspenders and flannel shirts. Many think hard drinkers, maple syrup, and a big blue ox. (This iconic image was twisted by Monty Python and his skit of “I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Okay” which began by embracing those stereotypes before morphing into cross-dressing. It was shocking and hilarious at the time.) That was then. This is now. So how has the lumberjack changed over time? Beards are more a thing of fashion now, not the weather protection they once were. Flannel is still worn although it typically isn’t plaid now and… Continue
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My Top Five Real Life Heroes

Jude Deveraux, the author of more than thirty-seven New York Times bestsellers, sat down with us to talk about her real-life heroes. This week brings us her latest novel For All Time, the latest Nantucket Brides novel.   My Top Five Real Life Heroes Whom I’ve Written About Thomas Jefferson He’s famously known for being the 3rd president of the United States; American Founding Father; and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. But he also spoke five languages and designed his mansion Monticello. Genius. Inventive. Honorable   Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton He was a jack of many trades: a geographer, cartographer, spy, linguist, and poet. His main contributions include bringing the Kama Sutra to publication in English and being the first European to see Lake Tanganyika. Brilliant. Gorgeous. Brave.  Nellie BlyContinue

Alma Katsu: “I used to joke that The Taker trilogy was a Rorshach test for love.”

The Taker was one of my favorite reads of 2013, reminiscent of the best Anne Rice novels. Now, the trilogy that began with The Taker concludes with The Descent. And Alma is with us to answer a few questions about the love story that had all of us talking: LB: Out of the three love interests in Lanore’s life – Jonathan, Adair, and Luke, did you find yourself choosing favorites along the way? AK: It was hard to choose because I’m the kind of girl who falls for the bad boys. And because in the beginning I was writing this book for myself, it was about the kind of men I like to read about: a real heartbreaker (Jonathan), the absolutely terrible one (Adair) and the good one (Luke, though he has his flaws, too).… Continue
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#TinaOnTuesday #Giveaway!!

Wild on You – is on sale 2/4/14 and we want to giveaway free ebooks – enter the Rafflecopter below to win & Good Luck! Thanks for being part of #TinaOnTuesday.   We thought we’d share the last two weeks snippets one more time, love these scenes!!

#TinaOnTuesday – Free Snippets, meet the J Men from Wild Hearts – elite heroes

Thanks for stopping by! Every Tuesday we’ll have weekly snippets introducing you to the Justiss Alliance, the J-Men – hot, hunky heroes – an elite team of men out to do right. Last week we introduced you to the guys – this week, we want you to learn more about their clusterfuck and what brought them together – I hope you love these guys as much as I do – enjoy! The Justiss Alliance is an elite team of heroes out to do right. In Wild on You, one untamable SEAL meets a woman who handles the wildest sort of animals—until she herself becomes the hunted. Read more here Snippet:

WInner Announced! #ReleaseDay for Accidental Cowgirl + $15 EGC giveaway!

So Accidental Cowgirl comes out today, and this is all kinds of awesome. It’s awesome for me because maybe now I can stop chomping my fingernails in anticipation. It’s awesome for you because you finally get to meet Decker, and this is a Very Good Thing. Because Decker is, well, perfect is a strong word, but we’ll go with it because, well, he just is. And I’m not just saying that because I created him from scratch, I swear. He’s oh-so-hot in those jeans and that Stetson. He walks with confidence, rides with just enough swagger, loves with just enough … well … you’ll have to read to find that out. His eyes can turn a city girl into mush, and his hands?

Guest Post: Umm . . . Stop By Anytime to Check Out My Toner by Juliet Rosetti

Behold the hero of the latest Mazie Maguire adventure, revealed here in all his sculpted glory, the gorgeous Canadian ex hockey-player Ben Labeck, who swaggers through Crazy for You, my new Loveswept Romance. Due out in January, it takes up where Ben and Mazie Maguire left off in The Escape Diaries. Sue Grimshaw, Random’s only-slightly-crazy creative director, foolishly allowed me to offer my two cents worth into the cover’s appearance—thank you, Sue—and it was fascinating getting a glimpse into the world of cover creation. I had a million questions about it—well, not just the design itself but the cover guys. Since I didn’t want to become known as that pain-in-the-butt-prima-donna-writer, I haven’t pestered the art people with all my stupid questions.

Guest Post: HEROES WHO COOK by Loveswept author Lauren Layne

As romance readers and writers, most of us have heard the assessment that the romance genre is “porn for women.” I’m not sure that I agree with this label. There’s a heck of a lot more going on in the romances I read than just sex. There’s emotional gratification, laughter, friendship… But let’s just go with it for a second. Let’s pretend that romance can double as “porn.” Fine. I’d like to get even more specific by mentioning a delicious trend I’ve been noticing… Heroes who feed their heroines.

Bond . . James Bond . . . a heroes hero, 007 – who’s your favorite?

He’s got all the cool cars, the newest in tech toys and he is the ultimate warrior at-the-ready — he’s the hero all women long for and the hero all men want to be like . . Bond . . .James Bond. Skyfall is the next movie in the Bond series; the 23rd Bond movie — coming to your local theater soon (11/9). Skyfall stars the ruggedly handsome Daniel Craig – the most recent Bond hero.

Guest Post – Secrets of A Wedding Night, Gretna Green & all that by Valerie Bowman

Ooh, let’s talk about one of my very favorite subjects. Hot historical romance heroes! If I’m reading romance, it’s almost sure to be a historical so I have quite a long list of these fine fellows in my head. You know how some couples have a list of famous people they’re allowed to sleep with if the opportunity every presents itself? Yes, well, for me, they’re all fictional. Sigh. Greatly reducing my already miniscule chances of having an illicit affair with one of them. Here are my top five.

Guest Post – Wendy Vella talks about Heroes (my favorite topic!)

We’ve read about them, fantasized about them and maybe even married one – we all have images of what our perfect hero would be. What better topic is there ladies than to talk about heroes? Thanks Wendy for this titillating post! There are many types of heroes in our lives, and I’m not talking about the ones that lean towards tights and capes. Is there a greater moment than reading a book where one evolves through the pages? I defy anyone to not fall in love with Jamie in Outlander, injured and wanting to wrap Claire in his plaid when first they meet or Devil Cynster’s realization that Honoria Wetherby was the woman for him and how he went about convincing her of that fact. What is it that touches us, imperfections and all?… Continue

Defining Sexy Heroes, oh, this is fun!

What type of hero gets your engine roaring? Is it a vampire with cold hands and a wicked protective streak? Or do you prefer kilt-wearing Highlanders who fiercely wield their swords during the day and their…bigger swords…at night? Fun post by Kristin Miller – enjoy! Since readers vary so much in taste, is it possible to pin down a definition of “sexy”? And if not, how do you write a hero who appeals to everyone? I took my questions to the internet.

Romance Guest, Andris, she needs a romance hero + Giveaway!

I need a hero!
By Andris Bear Now that we all have Bonnie Tyler’s Footloose hit ringing in our heads, let’s talk romance. More specifically, the delicious, sexy cornerstone of every love story–The Hero. From the playful romantic…
‘Girl, what have you been eating?’ To the picture perfect pretty boy…

Celebrating the real heroes on Memorial Day

Sharing Memorial Day Memories – Kim talks about the real heroes. Aloha from Hawaii! Memorial Day means Punchbowl Cemetery to my family. Built inside a crater, the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific looks like a punchbowl. Although it is a solemn place, it is one that also projects hope. On Sunday, my children joined their Boy Scout Troop in placing flags and leis on each grave (creating a lei shortage for graduation ceremonies!) On Monday, my husband will join his barbershop chorus, Sounds of Aloha, in singing the National Anthem and Hawai’I Pono’I at the Memorial Day Service.

Celebrating Memorial Day weekend with author Sara Humphreys!

Author Sara Humphreys joins us today with her views on Memorial Day & our Military – celebrating our heroes – thanks Sara! 4th Annual U.S. Military Families Contest Happy Memorial Day! For most of us, Memorial Day means BBQ’s and time spent with family or friends but we all know that the reason we celebrate has far more meaning than burgers, dogs or the volleyball on the beach. This is the weekend when we celebrate and remember the men and women who have fought and devoted their lives for our freedom.

Great new title from JK Beck, When Passion Lies . . . Intriguing!

Do you lie? Maybe even little ‘white’ lies? Subconsciously or we call them fibs? Join JK’s discussion today about lying and the trouble it can get you into – remember, every week on R@R 5 random commenters are chosen to win a FREE book, winners announced on Sunday – good luck! The Lies We Tell – When Passion Lies What lies have you told lately? Let’s face it. Everyone lies. Despite the fact that our mothers told us not to, the truth is that Everyone. Lies. And that’s true even when there’s love. Even when there’s mind-numbing, bone-deep, center-of-my-world passion. Somewhere, at the core of it all, there are the little lies. And maybe even the big ones.

Guest Author, Kat Martin & her favorite places in the sun

Romance At Random is thrilled to have NYT Bestselling author, Kat Martin visiting us today. Explore various geographic locations with Kat that will not only offer you high doses of vitamin D but quite possibly a little romantic heat. Kat is giving away one copy of AGAINST THE SUN to a randomly chosen commenter so comment away – winner announced this week in the post – good luck! By Kat Martin Since my latest book, AGAINST THE SUN, big Jake Cantrell and Sage Dumont’s story, deals with a visit to Texas by a Saudi Arabian sheik and his family, I thought it might be fun to talk about favorite places in the sun.

Romance stories and their location, location, location!

When you read a romance story does it matter what town the story takes place in? Comment below, every week 5 commenters are randomly chosen to win a free book – winners announced on Sunday – good luck! It is always fun to read a contemporary romance book where the setting is a place that you are familiar with. Cait London has written a series of romance stories that are set in the vineyards of Michigan . . . yes, they make wine in Michigan

The city of Chicago was a popular back drop for romance author Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

One of Lori Handeland‘s first paranormal romance books took place in Wisconsin!

Of course, New York is a popular location for books; Jodi Thomas did well with her Texas series; Nora Roberts goes… Continue

Romance with Carly Phillips and her next release – Karma + Giveaway

Book Title: Karma
Setting: Serendipity, NY – a fictional upstate New York town
Subgenre: contemporary romance
Hero: Dare Barron
Heroine: Liza McKnight One sentence summary: A good man trying to atone for his past falls in love with the one woman guaranteed to remind him of it every day. Scene you like most and would never cut: The scene at the fair where Liza tries to stop her drunk brother from making a scene and ends up getting hit in the head by him instead – making Dare’s protective instincts come out and the dynamic of their relationship changes for good.