Rakes on the Road

With vacation season upon us, some notable rakes are here to share what they bring on holiday.

Love a Nurse Today – Celebrating National Nurses Day

Hey. I’m Cecy Robson. Monday through Friday from early morning to late at night, I write stories―telling tales of supernatural creatures and everyday people struggling through their pain in search of their Happily Ever Afters. What most fans of my series don’t realize is that I’m also a labor and delivery nurse. When the weekend comes, my role switches from creative writing to helping those who have created life. In celebration of National Nurses Day below is brief look at my nursing role and a few moments of many that have been ingrained into my heart. It’s a tough but rewarding job and this is in honor to nurses everywhere — enjoy your day! A Day in the Life of a Labor & Delivery Nurse (by Cecy Robson): Emily pants with exhaustion and… Continue
Lauren Layne

Happy Kiss Your Mate Day!

Well, it's Kiss Your Mate Day, and I figure there are two groups of people that are bound to know about this under appreciated holiday:
(1) romance authors (that's me!)
(2) magazine columnists who write "the sexy stuff" (my characters!)
For those of you new to my Stiletto series, is about the women of Stiletto magazine who will do anything for a story … except fall in love. (Ha! We'll see about that, ladies!)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!! from Loria Adams, author of the Flirt New Adult Soulkeepers series

Merry Christmas everyone! Lori Adams guests today wishing us all a wonderful holiday season! Lori:
I am an avid reader of “O” magazine, and I always start by flipping to the back page to read the “What I Know for sure” page. I enjoy these tidbits of O wisdom but lately I’ve been wondering about:
What I don’t know for sure. As a writer, I love to research topics to add layers and authenticity to stories. I love to discover what I don’t know for sure. When I read fiction, I constantly evaluate the motives and emotions of the characters. And lately, I’ve been doing this with a keen eye toward the reader. What does the reader think of this hero? Can the reader relate to this character? Does the reader feel the ‘right’ emotional… Continue

WINNERS ANNOUNCED ~ Hot #Holiday Hunk Hop

Happy Holidays to everyone – what better way to celebrate this time of year than to heat it up with hot hero hunks? Ladies meet Ethan (Ruined) and Evan (Wanted) — these are two hot, to-die-for hunks that you’ll definitely want to get to know — both of their books release January 7, 2014. More details here: RUINED ; WANTED
**WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN-THANKS FOR HOPPING!! Happy Holidays, the Loveswept Team at R@R –
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Do you know what today is? International Kissing Day!!

Did you know . . . . What started as a holiday in the United Kingdom was quickly adopted worldwide. Today we celebrate the kiss and the simple pleasures associated with it. For more information on this special day visit worldholidays.com Remember your first kiss? Do share, was it as awkward as mine, wet, sloppy and similar to that of my dogs *grins* — tell R@R about yours – Happy Holiday!

Author’s share their Holiday Memories #romantic!!

The holiday’s come & go, almost too swiftly IMO — do you ever take the time to reminisce? Think about some of the fun, and not so fun moments of the season and seasons past? We’ve asked some of you to share in the holiday fun . . . let’s reminisce! My mistletoe wow was one of the first years my now husband and I were dating. I had no intention of getting a Christmas tree–too poor, no idea where to go, and no way to get it home anyway–and he snuck into my apartment with a tree and decorated it with pink ribbons, fake pearls, and a pair of pink underwear. Mine, of course. I was floored at his thoughtfulness, not to mention his decorating ingenuity.
–Megan Frampton, Hero of My Heart, April… Continue

Top 10 Ways to De-Stress Your Holiday Season, by Alyssa Day & giveaway!

Alyssa shares her de-stress techniques with R@R today of which #4 looks like a favorite to me, what about you? 1. Explain to your little boy dog that a Christmas tree is not, in fact, INDOOR PLUMBING!!! 2. Take several rolls of refrigerator cookie dough to the neighborhood cookie exchange. 3. When you clean house before holiday guests arrive, throw all unsightly clutter in your kids’ closets and pretend you don’t know how it got there. 4. Two words: Spiced Rum.

Guest Post: Tis the Season for Fugly Sweaters Part Deux + 2 copy giveaway!!

Confession: I love holiday sweaters-the gaudier, the better. Blinking lights, glitter, puppies wearing Santa hats and fake ornaments sewn on an even faker tree? Sign. Me. Up.
For the past two year Hot Builder a.k.a. the husband and I have been invited to an Ugly Sweater Party, and each time we had to be out of town. Of course this year is no different. We’ll be visiting great-grandparents and aunties and uncles and cousins that we only see once a year. And eating. Oh the eating.
Unfortunately, there won’t be a FCS (Fugly Christmas Sweaters) in sight. How disappointing. *sigh* Maybe I’ll wear some headband antlers instead…Or I could just check this when we’re all sleepy from the good eating:
Oh yes, Romance@Random-ers, there is a website. One that can outfit your entire family… Continue

From the Friendship Bread Kitchen: Darien Gee’s Top 5 Recipes for the Holiday Season

“It’s moist and sweet with a hint of cinnamon. It hits the spot, as unexpected kindness always does, and soon there is only one slice left.”
from Friendship Bread
Holiday baking. Warm, fragrant kitchens. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger; flour and sugar dusting the counters. Bread rising in the oven, cookies and cakes cooling on the rack. Have I got your attention yet? (smile)

Guest Post – Just a Cowboy and His Baby by Carolyn Brown

It seems fitting that Just a Cowboy and His Baby hit the book stores today because December is the month that the rodeo cowboys gather in Las Vegas for the Pro Rodeo Championship. Gemma and Trace are both entered in the saddle bronc riding. A whole bunch of cowboys and cowgirls will go home with experience and a desire to ride again the next year but only one saddle bronc rider will leave with a big buckle, a lot of money and a title.

New Release: A Christmas Bride/ Christmas Beau by Mary Balogh

2 in 1 Balogh Holiday – in paperback, buy here About the Books:
In a pair of classic Regency-era Christmas romance novels from New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh, the holidays herald the greatest gift of all: unexpected, all-consuming love. A CHRISTMAS BRIDE
The very wealthy Edgar Downes has promised his aging father to finally take a bride—specifically, to wed a titled lady by Christmas. London is full of pretty, proper, and eligible misses, but it’s the widow Helena, Lady Stapleton, in a shocking red dress, who captures Edgar’s attention. Helena is intrigued by the seductive stranger—but he’s simply not in her class. Marriage, of course, would never do. But in a season of miracles, something wondrous is about to happen.

Naughty & Nice a bundle of delicious delight for the holidays

On Sale now!
About the book:
’Tis the season for romance with three original holiday-themed novellas! Unwrap this festive eBook bundle and discover why these authors are quickly becoming the biggest names in the genre. Ruthie Knox tells a heartwarming contemporary story of first loves given the gift of a second chance; Molly O’Keefe releases the ghosts of Christmas past with a prequel to her novel Crazy Thing Called Love; and Stefanie Sloane weaves an irresistible Regency tale of fiery passion that burns deep on a cold winter’s night.

Guest Post – Romance in Paris by Cherrie West

Thanks Cherrie for touring us through the city of romance! Even though most of us won’t be able to make the journey it is a fun way to see some of the sites — I may even take a virtual shopping tour online – let’s get started . . . As the weather grows colder, it is time to start thinking about the holiday season and the gifts that you will buy this year. Why not convince your partner to take the Paris train for a getaway that will provide you with plenty of opportunity for shopping and for romance? The City of Love and Light has an array of Christmas markets that will help you find something for everyone on your list—even the ones who have been more naughty than nice this year.

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Valentine’s Day Around the World + Giveaway!

Valentine’s Day Around the World
by Cassandra Carr I know were a week away until Valentine’s Day, but I thought I’d give a little information on the cool rituals associated with Valentine’s Day all over the world. A few years ago I was actually in Hong Kong over Valentine’s Day. One of the colleagues from my hubby’s office invited us to a sort of country club-type place that he belonged to and we had dinner there. The women received flowers upon entering, along with a couple of chocolates, so really, it didn’t seem all that different from how we celebrate here in the United States. That got me to thinking – does the whole world celebrate Valentine’s Day the same way, or do the traditions in Hong Kong skew toward the British/American way of celebrating?… Continue

Guest, Nicole Jordan + Giveaway!!

Princess Charming, by Nicole Jordan I admit it: I’m a sucker for a horse. My hunter mare Riva is the love of my life, second only to my husband. Sailing over a fence astride this magnificent equine creature brings a rush of joy to my heart—and plot ideas to my mind. As I was writing Princess Charming, Book 1 in my Legendary Lovers Regency historical series, I knew that my hero, Ashton Wilde, Marquis of Beaufort, was determined to win the heart of his unlikely Cinderella. Maura Collyer wasn’t looking for a prince, but she was desperate to reclaim her beloved stallion, which her wicked stepmother had gambled away to an evil viscount. What else was Ash to do but help Maura rescue her magnificent horse? With Ash’s romantic gesture on my mind and… Continue

Jill Shalvis is our guest with GIVEAWAY!

Once in awhile I write a book that isn’t like pulling fingernails out of the sockets or getting a root canal without drugs. Once in awhile, I write a book that flows like really great wine, and every single word is a joy. Those are the books that I never want to end. Those are the books that made me want to be a writer in the first place.

Head Over Heels
was one of those books. When I first started writing the Lucky Harbor series, Chloe, the wild baby sister, took a backseat to her two older siblings. She was one tough, hot mess. And in the back of my mind as the series went on, she scared me more and more. She was wild. She was uncontrollable. She was utterly unrepentant. How was… Continue

P versus E + Giveaway!!

P versus E
By Inga Kupp-Silberg

There have been lots of discussions about paper- versus eBooks and I am no different from the others. I do read both and there are several reasons behind it. I am a book blogger who mostly reads and reviews books written in English, but I live far from English speaking markets – in Estonia. My geographical location determines and influences my choices almost every day. Let me start with paper books. I am a total fan of book covers! It does not mean, that I am buying books only because I love their covers, but I do pick up books because the cover catches my eye and in case the blurb on the backside of the book is interesting – I am sold or should I say, that the… Continue

Mascot of romance, who would it be? + GIVEAWAY!!

   [mas-kot, -kuht]
an animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its representative symbol and supposed to bring good luck: The U.S. Navy mascot is a goat. Silly topic, but not really, as I’ve been thinking about this — it seems that all important organizations have mascots, so to speak, right? KIA automobiles now has those adorable hamsters, as pictured above; Taco Bell had that little dog, what breed was he again? Taco Bell had a big promotion a few years back and I bought three or four of those stuffed cuties! Then of course, Geico’s lizard. . . and now I’ve noticed they’re using a pink pig in their commercials as well, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I suppose ‘Flo’ on those Progressive Insurance commercials is a ‘mascot’ of sorts — well, her… Continue

4 seasons of the year, which do you like best? + GIVEAWAY!!

Where I live it is cold outside, which is appropriate for the Holidays – and honestly, I would NOT have it any other way for Christmas . .. . I love having a warm fire, hot cocoa, reading a book or watching a movie with family — for this time of year it is perfect!!
Then, right around January 10th, I’m thinking a trip to a warmer climate might be nice . . . sunshine, warm weather to bike ride in . . .sight see, or of course, read a book by the pool –
Time goes by of course, and I’m still at home, shoveling out the driveway and thinking, ‘well, if it would just stop snowing . . . .I could deal with Spring and new flowers, the smell of rain and new Continue

Loveswept Holiday Hop — 25 e-book drawing & ONE Grand Prize Winner!

Happy Holidays to everyone – Romance At Random is celebrating their Loveswept line with a random e-book Giveaway to 25 winners plus an opportunity to win one Grand Prize from www.romanceatrandom.com. Enter here to be included in the random e-book drawing (25 winners will pick up their e-book from Net Galley) and then stop on by www.romanceatrandom.com and comment to enter the drawing to be the ”one’ Grand Prize winner, a selection of great books! Good Luck & Happy Holidays to all! INCREASE your chances to win by visiting all of the participating ‘Loveswept – Holiday Hop’ sites! Winners will be contacted after 1/10/12. Just a FEW MORE DAYS! **** And don’t forget to comment below to be part of the Grand Prize drawing!!
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25 e-book winners include:
Mara Brandon
Lewis Brandy… Continue

My Passion for Police + Giveaway!!

My Passion for Police
By Deborah Harmse, author of In The Arms Of The Law I’ve always been crazy about cops. Not cops-really-turn-me-on crazy or I-love-a-man-in-uniform crazy. Not that kind of crazy. In fact, maybe crazy isn’t the right word. Maybe curious is a better word to describe my interest in law enforcement officers. You see, I’ve always wondered how a man who deals with scumbags all day at work can go home to his family and lead a normal life. How does he spend his day investigating crime scenes, witnessing autopsies, interrogating reluctant witnesses and probable murderers…then walk through his front door, hug his kids, kiss his wife and sit down at the dining room table to eat dinner and talk about homework and home improvement projects and the front lawn that absolutely must… Continue