#HunkDay: The Great Outdoors

Happy #HunkDay ladies and gentlemen! Anyone else noticing the subtle change in temperature? The few leaves starting to fall? The way the air has changed? Fall’s coming and coming quick! But we’re still in the last weeks of summer, so let’s celebrate. We’ve picked a few hunks who are doing their best to celebrate the great outdoors. Blue skies, shirtless men, what more could a girl want?! Our first five hotties are here, but follow the rest of the action on the Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page.   1. This guy looks like he’s ready to do some gardening, or maybe have a little garden hose water fight?     2. I don’t know what’s more stunning, the man or the view!    3. This guy is on the top of the world. And I want … Continued

#HunkDay: Surfer Studs

A few weeks ago we focused on lifeguards for #HunkDay, but this week, we’re looking from the lifeguard stands and out into the water to check out the surfers. There’s something so alluring about a tanned, blonde California surfer, something both totally American and totally edgy. And that’s not even mentioning Australian surfers and Mexican surfers and East Coast surfers and..well, you get the idea. I’m a fan of pretty much any surfers, but especially the ones we’ve rounded up for today’s Hunk Day. Follow the rest of the hunks on the Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page. Do you have a thing for surfers? Ever dated (or married–lucky!) a surfer? 1. I WANT TO BE WHERE THIS IS.   2. Can I request him for my Christmas in July present? I hope that’s a thing…   3. … Continued

#HunkDay: Hot Guys On Boats

Let the summer time lovin’ continue with our Hunk Day! I was recently in Martha’s Vineyard and couldn’t help but daydream about the sailors and motorboat enthusiasts who took their boats out on the salty New England waters. I was in the harbor at sunset and it was so romantic that all I could imagine was being scooped up by a strong fisherman type. So instead of just daydreaming, I decided to do something about it. And that something is today’s Hunk Day! Enjoy…and catch the rest of the action on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page. 1. This man is the stuff that New England dreams are made of…   2. What do you think he’s contemplating? “How is it possible that I look this good with my shirt off?” That’s my guess!    3. … Continued

#HunkDay: Hot Lifeguards

Happy Hunk Day Everyone! Summer might just be the best time for hunks. The hot weather encourages showing off their muscles–suns out, guns out, anyone? Not to mention that summertime is when lifeguards come back out. Ever since Barry, the tanned lake lifeguard, taught me how to swim when  I was ten, I’ve had a soft spot for lifeguards, reinforced by Baywatch re-runs and the more recent reality show, Bondi Rescue. Oh, and there was that time my vacation house faced the stretch of beach where lifeguard training happened. Let’s just say I liked watching the running and push-ups with my morning coffee much more than I enjoyed the morning news This week we’ve rounded up some hotties in red bathing suits and whistles. We’ve even got a special video that you’re definitely going to … Continued

#HunkDay: Hot Guys in Hot Cars

Welcome to another glorious Hunk Day! We know it’s wrong to judge people by material goods, but we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to men and their cars. There’s something so sexy about a hot guy with a cool car. And a sexy car could be anything from a shiny convertible to a muddy truck–we’re not discriminating!  We’re also not about to discriminate against the people who don’t ride in the cars, but instead, fix them. Because a dude with a little bit of oil on his hands, leaned over the hood of a car–now that’s hot! Find the rest of the hunks on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page. Do you know a sexy guy with a sexy car? Does your man know how to fix … Continued

#HunkDay: Firefighters

Happy #HunkDay: Firefighters edition. When these guys aren’t putting out fires, they’re fanning the flames of our passions…and it’s pretty obvious why. They’re strong, courageous and have dedicated their lives to saving other people’s lives. Not to mention they’re in great shape There’s nothing I love more than walking by a firehouse while they’re cleaning off the truck or tidying up in the evening. It’s like looking into a secret club. Choosing the pictures for the hunks below felt the same: a peek into the exclusive group of super sexy firefighters. Be still my heart! Check out the rest of the action on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and Loveswept’s Pinterest page. 1.  Abs and arms and pecs, oh my!    Photo courtesy of Pinterest 2.  Oh, hey, I’m just chilling after saving … Continued

#HunkDay: Cowboy Edition

Happy #HunkDay, guys & gals! Today we’re wranglin’ up some of the sexiest cowboys around–all for your enjoyment Five hotties wearing hats, boots, and not wearing shirts are below…but if you want to see even more cowboy goodness, follow us today on the Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and the Loveswept Pinterest page. 1. What exactly are those leather straps for? Just wondering, of course…   source: Pinterest 2.Well, howdy to you, too   source: Pinterest 3. Shirtless horseback riding might just be the sexiest thing this girl has ever seen.   source: Pinterest 4. It’s easy to be casual when you look as good as he does. Yum!    source: Pinterest 5. I wonder if belt buckles that big are hard to unbuckle? There’s only one way to find out…   source: Pinterest

#HunkDay: Irish Hunks

In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day (less than one week!) we’ve dedicated this #HunkDay to the sexy guys from across the pond. There’s so much to love about Irish men: their accents, their big families, the amount of yummy potatoes they eat, the beautiful countrysides of their home country, the list goes on and on. In addition to all of that stuff, there is the uber-important Irish sexiness that seems to start in their bones. We picked our top five favorite Irish hunks below, but there will be more accented cuties on the Loveswept Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all day. Who are your favorite Irish hunks?  What do you love most about those sweet Irishmen?   1. Pierce Brosnan. His particular brand of sexy never goes out of style. Photo courtesy of Mosh News 2. … Continued

Happy #HunkDay: Rockstars

Ah, the allure of the rock star.  What is it about a man with a guitar that is so sexy? Maybe we don’t need to come up with a reason. Maybe we should just accept it as fact and enjoy this #HunkDay full of sexy rockers. Check out the whole #HunkDay line-up on our Loveswept Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. PS: If you like reading about rockstars as much as you like admiring their pictures, check out ROCK IT by Jennifer Chance! The hero, Dante, is a bonafied rock god and sure to make you a fangirl 1. Jim Morrison of The Doors. It’s a throwback but he is one of the original sexy rockstars. Photo courtesy of pigeonsandplanes.com 2. Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Maroon 5 might not be the coolest rock band, but Adam … Continued

#HunkDay Oscar Nominees

It’s Oscar season again! Are you planning anything for Sunday night? Our plan basically consists of salivating over this list of Hunks until Sunday night and then watching everyone parade down the red carpet in their tuxes and gowns. There will probably be popcorn and candy involved too. Here are our top five Oscar Hunks to watch! Find more pictures and more hunks all day on our Loveswept Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 1. Jared Leto for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Dallas Buyers Club) Photo courtesy of prepsterpunk.com 2. Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Wolf of Wall Street) Photo courtesy of popgoestheweek.com 3. Matthew McConaughey for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Dallas Buyers Club) Photo courtesy of trainbodyandmind.com 4. Bradley Cooper for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (American … Continued

#HunkDay Gold Medalists

Happy #HunkDay Everyone! As the Olympics come to a close, we’re paying attention to those sexy athletes who took home gold at Sochi. Enjoy Check our Loveswept Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages for more hunks all day long!   1. Sage Kostenburg (USA) won gold for Snowboard Slopestyle Photo courtesy of NY Post Page Six 2. Sven Kramer (Netherlands) won gold for Speed Skating Photo courtesy of Omrop Fryslan 3. Dario Cologna (Switzerland) won gold for Cross Country Men’s Skiathalon Photo courtesy of Wikidi   4. Magnus Hovdal Moan (Norway) won gold for the Nordic Combined Photo courtesy of The Apricity 5. Kamil Stoch (Poland) won gold for Large Hill Ski Jumping Photo courtesy of wprost 6. Matthias Mayer (Austria) won gold for Alpine Skiing Photo courtesy of salzburg.com 7. Sandro Viletta (Switzerland) won gold … Continued

#HunkDay Outdoorsmen

Happy #HunkDay Everyone! You’ve made it through the toughest part of the week–so here’s a little reward. This week we’ve got some smoldering hunks who can light your fire…in more ways than one ;). Let’s celebrate the hardworking dudes who can chop an entire winter’s worth of firewood while looking super-smokin’. Below are a few of the hunks from today. For more sexy men, check out our Loveswept Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.   image via Pinterest   image via Pinterest image via Pinterest

#HunkDay Olympians 2014

Happy Hump Hunk Day! With the Olympic Opening Ceremonies THIS FRIDAY we are dedicating this week’s #HunkDay to the hardworking (and hard bodied) Olympic athletes. Check out our list of Team USA hunks below and then get your butt over to Loveswept’s Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages to check out the rest of our picks for sexiest athletes from all over the world competing at Sochi 2014.   Patrick Sharp U.S. Hockey Team image via Banner Collective on Vimeo Billy Morgan Snowboarder for the USA Team image via Route One Bode Miller U.S. Ski Team image via Fox Sports

#HunkDay Superbowl Edition

Happy #HunkDay everyone! In celebration of Superbowl Sunday we’ve compiled some football hotties. Because the players are the most important part, right? We chose a non-partisan (but not non-sexy) dude for our Romance at Random post, but check out the Loveswept Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page for hotties like Eric Decker from the Broncos and Russell Wilson from the Seahawks.

#HunkDay Grammy Nominees

Welcome to #HunkDay. We used to call Wednesday “Hump Day” but that was way too boring and not nearly sexy enough, so we created Hunk Day. Each week we bring you a hunk from the week’s theme (and you can find more on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest boards). This week, in celebration of the Grammys this weekend, we’re focusing on the musician who tug at our heart strings (and have great smiles). Enjoy John Legend, up for BEST R&B ALBUM for his latest, Love In The Future.