Q&A: Christina Lauren’s BEAUTIFUL SECRET

The Beautiful series has become iconic in this new era of erotic romance. It is all thanks Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, who, blended together, form the writing team known as Christina Lauren...
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Renita Pizzitola and Cassie Mae Talk New Adult

Renita Pizzitola, author of the newly released JUST A LITTLE CRUSH, and Cassie Mae--her most recent New Adult title is THE REAL THING--got to talking about their books, writing New Adult, and oh, yeah, celeb crushes.
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Get Ready for a Romance Riot with A.L. Jackson

Author Logan Belle chatted with A.L. Jackson about an exciting new event. Here’s her report….  I recently read about a new, one-day romance convention coming here to New York. The name, Romance Riot, grabbed my attention and I had to know more. Today I talk to the co-founder, author A.L. Jackson about what inspired this event, which will feature authors such as Alice Clayton, Jasinda Wilder, Gail McHugh, and many others..   So what is Romance Riot? Is this the first year, or have you hosted the convention before? Romance Riot is a one-day event held in the heart of New York City. The signing features thirty-five bestselling romance authors. This is our first year, and we’re incredibly excited for it.   How did the idea for the Romance Riot convention come about? Who Continue

Alma Katsu: “I used to joke that The Taker trilogy was a Rorshach test for love.”

The Taker was one of my favorite reads of 2013, reminiscent of the best Anne Rice novels. Now, the trilogy that began with The Taker concludes with The Descent. And Alma is with us to answer a few questions about the love story that had all of us talking: LB: Out of the three love interests in Lanore’s life – Jonathan, Adair, and Luke, did you find yourself choosing favorites along the way? AK: It was hard to choose because I’m the kind of girl who falls for the bad boys. And because in the beginning I was writing this book for myself, it was about the kind of men I like to read about: a real heartbreaker (Jonathan), the absolutely terrible one (Adair) and the good one (Luke, though he has his flaws, too).… Continue

Interview with Sharon Cullen and her new release Loving the Earl

In Sharon Cullen’s, LOVING THE EARL, Claire Hartford is determined to have the adventure she’d been denied when she was younger. A young widow held under the thumb of her abusive late husband, Claire vows that she will have her fun no matter what. But Lord Nathan Ferguson has other ideas. Tasked to watch out for Claire by her overprotective brother and on a mysterious mission of his own, Nathan has no idea what he’s getting into… Interview by Samantha Kane, Devil In My Arms releases later this month!

An interview of J Kenner by Virna DePaul + Giveaway!

VLD: I am so excited to be talking with the fabulous Julie Kenner today. She’s the New York Times Bestselling Author of the Stark Trilogy but she writes in a variety of genres. You write different genres. What does writing paranormal bring to the table for you that the others don’t? Julie: Oh, good question! I’m a fan of both dark and light paranormal, and have been since I was weaned on shows like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. For me, paranormal lets me really go crazy with my imagination, while at the same time dealing with the kind of issues that you might see in non-paranormal fiction. In my Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series, for example, the heroine, Kate, is a working mom (albeit a Demon Hunter) trying to juggle the obligations of… Continue

Random Thoughts: Stefanie Slone Interviews Eloisa James

Romance author Stefanie Sloane sat down with Eloisa James, author of Paris in Love, her new memoir, to discuss her year in France, her writing style, and a few of the life lessons she learned during her time away. Stefanie: Everyone dreams of packing up and moving to a romantic locale. But so few of us actually manage to turn such fanciful imaginings into reality. For you, a health scare sent you overseas. Many in your position would have hunkered down and sought comfort in the familiar, but you went looking for an adventure. Why? And are you glad you chose the unfamiliar over the comfortable? Eloisa: For one thing, my cancer was not life threatening: it was caught at an early stage. So, for me, it was more of a wake-up call than a… Continue