Weekend Reading: JANE’S MELODY by Ryan Winfield

If you like Nicholas Sparks, you’ll love JANE’S MELODY.  Jane is forty-year-old woman grieving the recent death of her estranged daughter. While trying to piece together the final months of her daughter’s life, Jane meets Caleb, a hot twenty-five-year-old musician who might have been her daughter’s boyfriend. Sparks fly, and a complicated relationship ensues. We open with Jane at her daughter Melody’s grave, where she sees a cute guy placing a silver dollar at the site. We’ll come back to that later. Jane, at the urging of her best friend Grace, has been attending Al-Anon for six years to deal with her daughter’s addiction. At the time of Melody’s death from a drug overdose, Jane hasn’t spoken to her for a year. Now, “she longed for a connection to Melody’s life – some way to… Continue