Tried-and-True Holiday Romances

I’ve created a list of tried-and-true holiday romances. Just sit back with one of these holiday books and forget about the fifty Christmas cards you need to mail in the morning.
The Heist

Giveaway: The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

SPECIAL GIVEAWAY: We’re giving away 15 copies of THE HEIST by #1 New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich and New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg. Check out this electrifying novel featuring an FBI agent who always gets her man, and a fearless con artist who lives for the chase. Nicolas Fox is an international con man, famous for running elaborate scams on very rich and powerful people. He knows that the FBI has been hot on his trail for years—particularly FBI Special Agent Kate O’Hare. But just when it seems that Fox has been captured for good, he pulls off his greatest con of all: He convinces the FBI to offer him a job, working side by side with O’Hare.
To learn more about The Heist and Janet’s … Continue

#CoverReveal – Crazy for You by Juliet Rosetti

In the tradition of Janet Evanovich and Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Juliet Rosetti ups the ante in her laugh-out-loud funny Escape Diaries series, as Mazie Maguire must use any means necessary to keep her main squeeze out of the slammer.

Ruthie’s Reality: Interview with Elise Sax + Giveaway!

Welcome back to Ruthie’s Reality, chickens! Today author Elise Sax agreed to chat with me about her debut novel, An Affair To Dismember, which releases on January 29. If you like Janet Evanovich or are generally a fan of first-person heroines who struggle to keep their act together but nonetheless manage to attract the attention of various hunky men–and let’s face it, the appeal of this particular scenario is difficult to resist–you’ll want to check out this book.
Welcome, Elise! Okay, let’s start off with a tough question: the heroine of your Matchmaker Series, Gladie Burger, has been compared to Stephanie Plum — but I can’t help but note the similarities between hapless, disorganized Gladie and the official Elise Sax author photo. (Also, the presence of ice cream and Cheez Puffs.) Care to comment?Continue

Beanie Babies, Black Dresses, and Grandma Bella + $15 GC Giveaway

Woohoo! My book comes out today! I’m Juliet Rosetti, author of The Escape Diaries, whose heroine is Mazie Maguire, escaped felon and bustier-wearing crime solver. Some reviewers have compared Diaries to the books of Janet Evanovich, one of my favorite writers. I should be so lucky as to have a smidgen of Janet’s talent. She has an amazing ability to generate laugh-out-loud moments and to create characters so vivid they virtually leap off the page. I’m so-o-o envious!
Sue Grimshaw, Random’s fabulous Genius-at-Large, suggested the idea of interviewing both kick-ass heroines, Mazie and Stephanie. So hang onto your big Jersey hair, because you never know what secrets these two may let slip–and it might not be coincidence that both ladies are holding handcuffs.

Guest Post from Juliet Rosetti, a Loveswept Debut! + Giveaway

Yes we’ve got them! THE ESCAPE DIARIES Net Galley preview is ready & we’d love to offer you a copy – comment below & 3 randomly chosen commenters will win – good luck! You torch one kitchen and they never let you forget. It was the Thanksgiving I made the yam casserole. The mini-marshmallow topping turned out blobby and pale, bearing no resemblance to the photo in the cookbook. A couple of minutes under the broiler ought to brown it up, I decided, popping the casserole back in and wandering off in search of chardonnay.