It’s with puffy eyes that I write this post about the NYC premiere of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Puffy eyes because I spent two hours last night ugly crying as I watched Gus and Hazel on screen. The TFIOS scene at Zigfield Theatre was overwhelming. There were throngs of screaming fans–mostly fangirls, so the decibels were high pitched and LOUD–and a blue carpet instead of a red carpet. Inside the theatre things were calmer, although the tween girls behind me were VERY excited about meeting the brother of Ansel Elgort (aka Augustus Waters). Before the film, the producers, director, screenwriters, and actors were announced to loud cheers. But the loudest cheers of all went to John Green, the author of the book. I thought it was awesome that people were most excited about him.… Continue

Fictional Character I Want to Marry: Augustus Waters

I’m sure many of you have by now read, or atleast heard of John Green’s wildly popular YA romance novel The Fault in Our Stars. The book chronicles the 17th year of Hazel Grace Lancaster’s life, a girl who at the age of 13 was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer that quickly spread to her lungs. In an attempt to curb her daughter’s depression, her mother sends her to a cancer support group that meets in the basement of a local church. That support group is where Hazel meets and falls in love with Augustus Waters. Augustus is smart, like almost too smart. He likes art and he reads constantly and he’s obsessed with making sure his life means something, because he too is sick. He doesn’t smoke, but he… Continue

YA Corner: Our Favorite Young Adult Romances of 2012

Because we’re rapidly approaching the end of the year, I’m sure you’ve been seeing all kinds of award announcements and book roundups, each list proclaiming that in it you will find the “Best Books of the Year!” Here at RomanceAtRandom, we wanted to tell you about a few great YA titles that may not be on your radar if you are a more traditional romance reader, but that are extremely and intensely romantic reads. So here I am, following the crowd, proclaiming that our list contains the “Best Books of the Year!” (at least as far as romantic YA goes). Enjoy!