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Starting Over: Julie Cross Talks New Beginnings

New beginnings. As in starting over. New job, new school, new relationship, new home or  new town…no matter what type of new beginning you’re about to experience, the change can feel both overwhelming and exciting. On one hand, you’re back at the ground level and have to rebuild. And on the other hand, you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself, choose a new path, or make a change based on what you’ve learned in past experiences. This is exactly what Isabel Jenkins, the main character in my New Adult debut novel Third Degree, does. Izzy is a former child prodigy, went to college at twelve years old, medical school at sixteen and is on her way to being a surgeon. That is until she gets hit with some very bad news—she’s flunked the emotional readiness… Continue
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Winners Announced! Happy Release Day to Me and THIRD DEGREE + Giveaway!

I’m so thrilled that Third Degree is finally releasing today and I’m also very excited to present this excerpt from the book. I hope you enjoy it!
Here’s the set up – since these aren’t the opening pages, I’ll give you a bit of backstory to set up the scene, though it’s not hard to follow along. This scene is the first meeting of my two main characters, Isabel and Marshall (aka Izzy and Marsh). Izzy has recently gotten some very bad news—she’s been rejected for medical residency programs because she failed her emotional readiness test. She’s decided, after a therapist and her boss suggest that her failure might be due to a “lack of normal teenage experiences,” to enroll as a college freshman all over again, but this time at an average university and… Continue

Character Creation in a Nutshell

Making up people is probably my favorite part of writing fiction. And when I say making up people, I don’t mean names and physical traits. I actually loathe those parts and will literally get stuck while writing a proposal for a new project because I don’t have a name for my MC. Then I’ll run out to Chipotle for some comfort food, look at the name tag of the first burrito engineer I see: Jim. That works for me. But Jim what? Jim Chicken? Jim Guacamole? Jim Steak? Jim Stakeman. Done. And physical traits. If there’s nothing in the plot that might require a certain look or feature, then the creation process will go something like this: okay, I did red hair last time and blonde before that, so let’s go with brown. Done. The… Continue

#CoverReveal for Julie Cross and her Flirt release, Third Degree

Rejected for medical residency programs, Isabelle Jenkins, former child genius, decides to pursue her third college degree, but not as the brilliant minor who wowed America when she solved complex mathematical equations on the Dr. Phil show—this time she’s undercover and majoring in being eighteen. And being eighteen means making friends with people who aren’t professors or scientists, partying, and dating — to enjoy life and all the things she missed out on as a child. But, after struggling through a week of classes as a PE major and making zero strides to bond with her roommate, Izzy enlists the help of her hot RA, Marshall Collins, to teach her how to be the life of the party. However, what Marshall really ends up schooling her in is the most important lesson college has to… Continue